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How To Clean A Keurig Needle? (Quick & Easy)

If you own a Keurig, chances are you already know that they require a lot of ongoing maintenance to keep them in good working order. These coffee pod machines are incredibly convenient, but it’s crucial...

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

Partly driven by the third wave coffee movement, green coffee beans have become increasingly popular in recent years. These soft greenish beans allow for complete control over the roast all the way through to...

What Is Kopi Luwak? (A Civet Coffee Guide)

If you’ve delved into the world of specialized coffees or gone on the hunt for the strangest or most expensive coffee, you’ve probably undoubtedly heard of the famous Kopi Luwak. Many people...

Types Of Coffee Roasts Explained (Light, Medium, Dark)

When you pick up a bag of coffee at your local grocery store, and it says medium-light roast, what does that mean exactly? The roast type plays a vital role in how your coffee tastes. Dark, medium, and light...

What Is Rainforest Alliance Coffee? Everything You Need To Know

Coffee is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe every single day. But, just like any consumable food harvested, coffee cultivation can negatively affect the planet and the surrounding environment if...

Mixing Coffee Beans To Create Your Own Unique Blend

For most people, the thought of mixing coffee beans together has probably never crossed their minds. Why would you? The local roaster does an excellent job at crafting a decent palatable blend that’s...

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