Best Antique Coffee Grinder (Top Picks 2018)

In today’s fast paced world it seems like nobody has time to appreciate the finer things in life such as coffee. Sure, you can go and grab a cup from your local Starbucks, but let’s be honest nothing can truly compare in flavor and quality than actually taking the time to grind up your own coffee beans, heat your water, and then brew.

Even when you do decide to grind your coffee beans you’re often inundated with modern push-button coffee grinders that are overly complicated and want to rob you of the pleasure of manually grinding your beans. But wait, all is not lost, you can still get your hands on an antique coffee grinder if you miss the old fashioned days.

In fact, many coffee geeks claim that once you have tasted coffee ground in an antique coffee mill, you’ll never go back to a modern electric model.

How To Tell If You Have A Vintage Grinder?

How To Tell If You Have A Vintage Grinder?Electricity was invented in the late 1930’s, but it didn’t become popular until the 1950’s. So, the first telltale sign of an old fashioned coffee grinder is if it has a handle. It goes without saying, but coffee is older than electricity so if your grinder has a manual crank arm the chances are it’s pretty old.

Another sure sign of an antique coffee grinder is the material it’s been made from. Typically the older coffee grinders are made out of cast iron, wood, or sometimes glass if its made out of plastic there’s a good chance that it was made after the 1950’s.

Getting your hands on a real old coffee grinder can be costly and to be honest, pretty hard, most are either snapped up by enthusiasts or demand a high price in antique shops. So unless you can’t live without a real old vintage coffee grinder, I recommend you buy a replica. Luckily enough, there are new coffee grinders that have been made in the same way as the old antique mills that won’t break the bank.

Sound good? Can’t wait to get your hands on an old fashioned coffee grinder? Keep on reading and discover four of the best.

Best Antique Coffee Grinder

Top Rated Antique Coffee Grinders – Grind On With These!

Below I have handpicked some of the best antique coffee grinders to bring a bit of old into your hectic modern life. Take your time and appreciate coffee the way it’s meant to be, slow.

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Grinder

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for an old fashioned grinder, I highly recommend you take a look at the Zassenhaus. This German company has been manufacturing coffee grinders for over 150 years, so with this grinder you get the original old coffee grinder but with modern parts.

The Santiago uses the preferred conical burr grinding mechanism and can crank out coarse and an extra fine grind to suit any coffee brewing method (even Turkish coffee).

Zassenhaus are so confident that their manual coffee grinder will stand the test of time, they even offer a 25-year warranty on the mechanism.


Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill

Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill

This wooden Peugeot Antique coffee grinder has been handcrafted from beech wood with a rustic weathered finish to give it that old, vintage look. The design of this coffee mill is almost identical to the original that was made in France by the Peugeot brothers back in 1840.

This modern replica looks the same, but with the modern grinding mechanism, it’s able to produce a uniform grind from coarse to extra fine. Peugeot offers a lifetime warranty on the grinding mechanics and a 5-year warranty on the wooden exterior.

It’s not the cheapest coffee grinder, but you are going to get a grinder that will probably outlive you.


On a tight budget but still want the best coffee grinder? Make sure to check out my recommended Burr grinders for under $100 you’ll find a large selection of handpicked grinders.

Foruchoice Vintage Style Coffee Grinder

Foruchoice Vintage Style Coffee Grinder

Looking for a grinder with an old vintage look? Take a look at the Foruchoice manual coffee grinder. I love the big cast iron crank wheel on this retro grinder, not only does it look great it makes grinding your beans super efficient.

Operating is easy, just place your coffee beans inside the of the bowl, crank the handle to turn the ceramic burrs, and within a few minutes, you will have freshly grounded coffee which can then be found inside of the wooden drawer.

The Foruchoice is fully capable of producing a fine coffee grind suitable for Turkish coffee, or other popular pour over and drip brewing methods. The coarser French Press grind is also possible using this retro grinder.


ROK Coffee Grinder

ROK Coffee Grinder

The last antique-inspired coffee grinder on my list is the ROK. The ROK grinder has a medieval look that is reminiscent of a torture device rather than a grinder. However, with its strange looks aside the ROK is a great, robust manual coffee grinder that can outperform its electric counterparts.

It features the preferred burr grinding mechanism (48mm stainless steel conical burrs) that can crank out any coffee grind to suit all coffee brewing methods.

Out of all the old-fashioned coffee grinders above, the ROK provides the best grind quality and to be honest it’s on par with most of the high-end electric coffee grinders (and it’s quieter too).

Are you left handed? Not a problem with the ROK, you can set it up for either right or left!

Make sure to read my full ROK grinder review.


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