Brew Smarter Not Harder With A Coffee App (8 Best!)

It seems like there is an app for everything nowadays and the world of coffee hasn’t been left out. Even though the art of brewing a great cup of coffee is relatively straightforward, it can get extremely technical when you start exploring different brewing ratios of grounds to water and different brew times and let’s not forget just how precise espresso-making can become.

​So it comes as no surprise that coffee geeks have embraced technology and knocked out some extremely useful coffee apps to help you to make better coffee. So for all of the coffee and tech lovers out there here are our top picks of coffee apps for you to download (there is even a coffee shop app to help you find the best cafe no matter where you are).

Best Coffee App To Help Get Your Brew On!​

​These are some of the best coffee apps I could find, it doesn’t matter if you’re brew using an AeroPress, French Press or a regular drip coffee maker there should be an app below to turn you from coffee brewing novice to a full-fledged home barista.

​Acaia Brewbar App

​Acaia Brewbar App

Acaia is better known for their modern sleek looking coffee scales that come crammed full of the latest tech so it only makes sense that they would accompany that tech with a coffee app. The Acaia Brewbar App allows baristas and coffee geeks have total control over their brewing stations, either in a busy high street coffee shop or a small setup at home.

​The data from the Acaia coffee scale is fed into the coffee app allowing a barista to visualize the brew in an easily and accessible way. You can input the grind size, temperature, weight of the beans, and even who’s brewing the coffee. Your coffee brewing is then tracked in real-time via the app with a detailed line graph clearly displaying relevant information such as how the full the coffee filter is, the flow rate of your water, and even how fast it’s percolating through the grinds.

​The Acaia Brewbar App also lets a head barista upload a “Master Brewprint” for others to follow.


​best apps for coffee

This is an excellent and straightforward app that will help you to brew cafe-quality espresso at home. Unlike the above Acaia Brewbar App, the Barista App by Glasshouse Apps doesn’t use any in-depth graphs or charts nor does it connect to your coffee scale. What is does do is give you simple step-by-step guides on how to brew a variety of espresso based drinks, ensuring you get the best out of your espresso machine.

​Some of the features on this coffee app include a glossary of coffee terms, HD instructional videos, a recipe book, and an extraction timer, to name just a few.

AeroPress Timer

AeroPress Timer

Let’s be honest there isn’t much you can do to improve the already great AeroPress, but this coffee app might just be able to build on that perfection. The AeroPress Timer App is a basic brew timer but that’s not where it ends, it comes with over 27 AeroPress recipes gathered from places like the 2014 AeroPress World Championships and recipes from some of the world’s best roasters.

​The AeroPress Timer also walks you through each step and with the latest update you can even follow the instructions on your smart watch!

​Beanhunter Coffee App

Beanhunter Coffee App

Have you ever been to a new city or town and can’t find a good coffee shop, you probably wish you had the Beanhunter App. The Beanhunter Coffee App is a great tool for finding new specialty cafes; it’s a bit like TripAdvisor but for coffee establishments. It contains reviews, photos, and brewing equipment for thousands of independent cafes around the globe giving you enough information to make the right choice in an unfamiliar city.

Behmor Connected Coffee Maker App

Behmor Connected Coffee Maker App

This is the future of coffee makers right here. The Behmor coffee app is designed to pair with their range of coffee makers allowing you to create custom coffee profiles, set timers, and even your temperatures, so you to take full control over how your coffee is brewed.

​Within the coffee app, you can choose “Craft,” “Brew,” or “Buzz.” The “Craft” option gives you a lot of control; you can choose pre-infusion times and the temperature setting of the Behmor coffee maker. The “Brew” setting lets you set how many cups of coffee you want to brew, you’re also asked if you are using dark or light roasted coffee and whether you are using freshly ground coffee or pre-ground. It’s amazing how much control you have with a simple coffee app. The “Buzz” part of the app is where you can connect to the outside world; Behmor is hoping this will become a central hub where baristas and coffee companies can come and share new coffee beans, general news, and recipes.

​Obviously, the app won’t work without the Behmor coffee maker, and you can find that here at Amazon. Are you ready brew the perfect cup of coffee right from your couch?

​KoHi Pour Over Coffee Brewing App

KoHi Pour Over Coffee Brewing App

If you are a professional barista or just a super coffee nerd, the KoHi coffee brewing app is a must have. It’s packed full of useful tools for pour over coffee brewing such as a brew calculator, a recipe manager, and a timer, with these tools KoHi will take the guess work our of the brewing process for you so that you will have the perfect coffee to water ratio every time. With the KoHi App, you can improve various pour over methods like the Chemex, Hario V60, French Press brewing, Clever Dripper, Kalita, AeroPress, Woodneck, Bonmac, and even Gino brewing methods.

​Catador Cupping App

Catador Cupping App

Do you regularly participate in coffee cupping? If you do, then you’ll already know how hard it is to keep your cupping notes in order, what you need is the Catador coffee cupping app.

​The Catador Coffee App replaces the regular SCAA score sheet with an easy to use enter and save system. You can scare coffee in terms of body, acidity, uniformity, and sweetness among other cupping notes. Catador Also allows you to export all of your cupping notes via email or as an Excel file so you can share and work with your notes outside of the coffee app.



A list of the best apps for coffee wouldn’t be complete without an app to aid in coffee roasting. The Roastmaster App is a must have for professional and home coffee roasters alike. It will help you to speed up your workflow and will let you record your achievements so you can consistently get the perfect bean to cup each time.

​With Roastmaster you can keep your green bean inventory in sync automatically with your actual stock, track bean lot details such as cost, age, Q Score, moisture, and more, set yourself order reminders to alert you when your inventory is running low. You can record notes on your cupping sessions, and even get creative concocting, tasting, and perfecting your signature coffee blends, and this is just touching the surface on what this coffee app has under the hood.

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