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Best Coffee Makers Under $50 (The Cheapest I Could Find!)

Surprisingly there are some good coffee makers for under $50 if you know where to look. I have done all of the hard work for you and discovered some excellent coffee makers for those of you on super tight budgets.

The good news is that even with a budget of less than $50 you don't have to compromise on the quality of the coffee you brew. Sure you’ll probably lose some of those extra convenience functions and features included with more expensive automatic coffee makers, but when the budget is limited you can’t afford to be picky!

In this price range, manual coffee brewers are going to be the better option (however there are a couple of expectations). Even spending just $50 will bag you a good coffee maker that will provide you with a consistent brew at a reasonable price, albeit with a bit of human intervention.​

Below you will find a selection of coffee brewers that won’t break the bank. I have carefully picked out both manual and electric coffee brewers, but my personal recommendation in this lower price range would be a manual coffee brewer.

Ultimately, the choice is yours but bear in mind that the automatic drip brewers costing less than $50 will most probably have a very limited lifespan.

​Cheap Automatic Drip Brewers Under $50

​Don’t expect much for less than fifty bucks, they will do the job, but the quality of the final brew isn’t going to win any awards!

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Brewstation

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Brewstation

This electric drip brewer is the best I could find in this limited price range, and surprisingly it does a fairly decent job. Once of the first things you’ll notice about the Hamilton Beach Brewstation is the absence of a glass carafe underneath the dripper. Don’t worry this is intentional, and probably a way of Hamilton Beach to save a few extra bucks.

The Brewstation is designed to brew fresh coffee directly into your coffee mug or thermal carafe; just place your cup under the spout, fill, and continue on your way. The machine has been designed with simplicity in mind, and you don’t even have to push a button to fill your mug; everything can be done with one hand!

Even with a price of under $50 you still have some brewing functions that are often found on more expensive machines. Such as the customizable start time that lets you set Brewstation up the night before to then turn on automatically the next morning, so your coffee is hot and ready when you come down the stairs. Some other notable features include the keep-warm mode and auto shut-off.

BELLA Classics 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

BELLA Classics 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Another great find for under $50 is the BELLA Classic Coffee Maker; to be honest, I’m shocked at just how cheap this coffee maker is! It can brew up to 12-cups of coffee at any one time and comes packed full of functions.

Operating the BELLA is easy, and everything is controlled via four buttons beneath the blue LCD panel on the front of the brewer. After you have set the strength selector that allows you to customize how strong you want your brew the machine will then start with a simple push of a button.

Just like the above Hamilton Beach Brewstation, you also have the 24-hour programmable feature that you can set the night before to auto-start first thing in the morning. The pause and serve function allows you to grab a cup of coffee mid-brew, so you don’t have to wait for the full cycle to finish. The BELLA does come with a carafe as well as a permanent coffee filter and scoop. At this price, you really can’t go wrong! They also make a great looking retro coffee maker.

Brentwood Espresso Cappuccino Maker

Brentwood Espresso Cappuccino Maker

Yes it’s true you can get an espresso maker for under $50!..but don’t get too excited it can just about manage to splutter out a drinkable beverage that closely resembles an espresso; but what do you expect for less than $50.

Sure it might not be able to keep up with the big commercial machines, but for those of you wanting to brew the odd latte or cappuccino at home, it does a decent job. It comes with the features you’d expect to find on an espresso machine such as the steamer, a portafilter, tamper, and even a small glass carafe.

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

This is the last electric coffee maker for under $50 on my list. The Mr. Coffee is very similar to the above BELLA and Hamilton Beach coffee brewers and shares many of the same functions and features. A couple of standout features include the automatic shut off (after 2-hours), the brew timer so you can set and forget, and the brew strength selector that lets you choose just how strong you want your coffee to be brewed.

It also has a removable permanent filter basket that can be rinsed under the faucet to clean, and you can even upgrade your filter to a gold tone filter. A good cheap coffee maker that won't break the bank!

Budget Friendly Manual Coffee Makers Under $50

​By far the best option with $50 to spend, the manual drip brewers are going to give you some excellent tasting coffee, and in most cases, you’ll have some change leftover to buy some coffee beans!

French Press

Bodum Chambord Classic Coffee Maker

​For anyone transitioning away from push button electric coffee makers, the French Press is typically the first coffee brewer they try. With the French Press, you have more control over different brewing variables than you would when using a push button brewer. Which means you can brew your coffee just the way you like it. Very easy to use the French Press will make a better cup of coffee than many brewers that cost several times as much.

​For less than $50 you can get yourself this 8-cup copper French Press from Bodum. With an elegant copper casing and durable glass carafe, you can churn out some great tasting coffee. If you want a few more options, make sure to check out this selection of French Press Pots. Want to know how to make coffee using a French Press, here is a step-by-step brew guide.


Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

​Another popular way to brew great tasting coffee that’s a favorite with coffee geeks the world over is the Chemex. The Chemex is a manual pour-over style of brewing coffee that was originally invented in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm and is still being manufactured to this day out of Chicopee, Massachusetts.

​If you are looking for an American made coffee makers, the Chemex is a great option and will leave you with some change out of a $50 bill. Want to know more about the Chemex? Make sure to read this Chemex pour over guide.


AeroPress coffee maker under 50

​You really can’t go wrong with the AeroPress, and that’s why it's my personal favorite for under $50. You have so much control over your brew, and you can tweak different variables on the fly. You'll never get bored with your coffee by trying an endless supply of AeroPress recipes.

​Invented by Alan Adler (the same person who invented the Frisbee) The AeroPress consists of two plastic polypropylene cylinders, similar in appearance to a syringe. Finely ground coffee is added, along with your hot water, the coffee is allowed to steep for an allotted amount of time depending on your recipe and then the coffee is forced through the filter by pressing down on the plunger.

It’s not as hard as it may sound, check out this AeroPress inverted brew method for step-by-step instructions.​

Hario V60

Hario V60 less than $50

​The Hario V60 is very similar to the Chemex but is a bit more forgiving when it comes to brewing; errors can be made, and you’ll still end up with a drinkable cup. Unlike the Chemex which simply uses a paper filter, the Hario V60 uses a paper filter that sits on a plastic contoured cone. You add your ground coffee into the filter, and then slowly pour over your hot water in a circular motion making sure not to touch the sides of the filter.

​Available in many different colors and styles (such as the decanter version) this small manual coffee brewer is a great buy for under $50. Take a look at this Hario V60 brew guide for more tips on how to use it.

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