Best Coffee Scale 2019 (Take Your Brewing To Another Level!)

I’ll admit for many years I was playing coffee roulette when measuring out my coffee. I’d simply grab a tablespoon and guesstimate the correct amount of pre-ground coffee for my morning brew, throw it into my paper filter and then effortlessly press the start button on my drip coffee maker.

However, that was in the past and well before I discovered my true love for coffee and all the perks and extra taste benefits that come along with brewing a decent cup, the correct way. And the correct way starts by investing in the best coffee scale because constancy is crucial!

Using a coffee scale is a foolproof way to get a consistently great tasting cup of coffee. The number one factor to a great tasting brew is having the correct ratios of coffee to water; it doesn’t matter if you have the best coffee maker in the world and some kickass coffee beans if you don’t get the ratio correct you can forget about the rest.

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Coffee Scale Quick Picks

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Why Use A Coffee Scale?

weighing coffee on a scaleIf you’re truly serious about making the best cup of coffee, you can muster up at home you should be using a coffee scale. Having the correct measure of water and coffee is essential.

For example, if you don’t use enough coffee you will get a weak tasting brew. On the other hand, use to much water, and you’d be better off drinking some waste water from your dishwasher because you won’t be extracting the flavor to its fullest from your freshly ground coffee.

This is why using a digital coffee scale is key to correctly measuring both your water and coffee so you can make the perfect cup, and you’ll be doing justice to those great tasting coffee beans.

Weighing out your coffee in grams takes all of the guesswork out and trust me those scoops you’ve been using aren’t that accurate. Weighing by weight and not by volume is going to ensure that you’ll be using the same amount of grounds for each brew you make (don’t just take my word for it, here is more proof).

coffee brewing scale

If you’ve already invested in a coffee maker as well as a good coffee grinder the only missing item you’ll need in your home barista kit is the best coffee scale to take your coffee brewing to a whole new level, earning you the title of a real “home barista.” Next, all you’ll need to do is to spend some time on this coffee blog to master your new found love for coffee making (wink!).

Some Other Benefits of Using a Coffee Scale

The best coffee scale can be utilized for much more than precisely weighing out coffee (obviously I’m focusing on coffee here). If you enjoy a good cup of tea every so often you can accurately measure out tea leaves, and if you think of yourself as a bit of a decent home cook, the coffee scale can also double up and help you to measure out ingredients accurately for your next Gordon Ramsey inspired dish.

Digital kitchen scales are dirt cheap nowadays, so there’s no excuse, and even the best coffee scale can be purchased for well under $20. Plus, when you take into account that you can use it for much more than simply weighing coffee there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one in your coffee brewing kit.

Best Rated Coffee Scales (Top Picks For 2019)

So after reading all about why you should use a scale you now know the added benefits using a digital scale can bring to your daily brew. So if you want to take your home coffee brewing to the next level, I have handpicked some of the best scales for coffee brewing to help you in your quest for that perfect cup of Joe in 2019.

Hario Digital Coffee Scale with Timer

Hario Digital Coffee Scale

You can kill two birds with one stone with this Hario Digital Coffee Scale. Not only can you precisely weigh out your coffee beans but you can also set the time to ensure you get the correct steeping of your coffee grounds.

If you haven’t already heard of Hario, they are a well-known brand in the coffee world and make various coffee scales, some of the best cold drip coffee makers and other coffee making components. The Hario Digital Coffee Scale is perfect for the high street barista and the home coffee brewing newbie, plus it has all of the required features and functions to get your coffee and water weighed accurately.

What I like about the Hario Digital Coffee Scale is that it measures in 0.1 gram increments, meaning that it is super accurate which is a must when you weigh out small amounts of coffee beans. It also comes with other much-needed functions such as a tare button and auto-off function.


Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

The above Hario Coffee Scale can be a bit pricey, so this is the next best thing if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to fork out a lot of cash on a new coffee scale. The Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is cheap and cheerful, priced at just under $20 (at the time of writing) it’s also affordable but that doesn’t mean it scrimps on functions and features either.

In fact, it has everything that the above Hario Coffee Scale has minus the steeping timer. It features four high precision GFX sensors that and can hold a whopping 12 lbs. on its surface. The scale is covered in durable glass, and the surface resembles that of an iPhone screen. The Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is easy to wipe clean once you’re done, and it’s small enough to stick in your kitchen drawer.


Etekcity Digital Coffee Scale

Etekcity Digital Coffee Scale

This is a great stylish digital scale for coffee brewing that has an elegant stainless steel finish. The Etekcity Digital Coffee Scale is smaller than the above two, so it’s perfect for those of you with limited space. Priced at just over $20 (at the time of writing) it’s also gentle on the pocket.

It can be used for measuring almost anything in the kitchen, not just coffee beans, and it can weigh up to 5kg, so placing a large Chemex coffee brewer on this shouldn’t be an issue. Some other notable features of the Etekcity Digital Coffee Scale include an auto-tare function, low battery indicator, and a quick unit conversion setting. A great entry level digital coffee scale ideal for the beginner.


Brewista Smart Coffee Scales

Brewista Smart Coffee Scales

Let me start off by saying I love this digital coffee scale; it comes with all (and more) functions than the above “expensive” Hario Digital Coffee Scale but comes with a more affordable price tag. The Brewista Smart Coffee Scale is not just a favorite with me but it’s the go-to coffee scale with many professional baristas, and it has also gained some great coffee scale reviews around the web (even my small local coffee shop uses this).

It’s waterproof due to the water repellent Nano-coating which is perfect for keeping it safe from accidental spills from an espresso machine drip tray or any other kitchen spillages that might occur (such as your AeroPress falling over while doing the inverted method, yes it did happen!).

It has six available user modes including an auto-off function, a timer, and it automatically tares, just to name a few. Plus, the Brewista Digital Coffee Scale has a smart feature to help with getting your brew just right. Personally, I prefer to use it in full manual mode, for espresso and pour over because I don’t think the smart modes were that helpful, but for someone new to home coffee brewing and can see the benefit.


best scale for coffee brewing

Brewista Smart Coffee Scale in Action

[Update] There is now a new Brewista Smart Coffee Scale version 2 that comes packed with even more features and built-in auto brew functions. Check the price of version 2 by clicking below.

Brewista Smart Coffee Scale version 2



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