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Best French Press Coffee Makers A Complete Guide

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If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are either new to French press coffee, maybe looking to buy your first press, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a replacement. Whichever category you fall into, you’ve landed on the right page.

There’s no other coffee brewing method that’s in the same ballpark as the French Press. Its simplicity and ease of use are the reasons why so many coffee enthusiasts choose this brewer over any other as their daily coffee maker. I’ll admit, it does take a bit more work and patience compared to a push-button automated coffee maker.

But, once mastered, the French Press produces a smooth and rich coffee that’s worth the extra effort, and once you’ve given this method a try, I doubt you’ll be running back to your old automated coffee maker anytime soon. However, making great-tasting coffee using this method requires a solid foundation; by that, I mean starting with a decent French Press coffee maker.

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Why The French Press?

So what’s so special about ​using the French Press? Why should I use this rather than, say, the Hario V60 or the Aeropress?

Many people, including myself, believe that the French Press makes some great-tasting coffee. Apart from being super portable and you can take it anywhere, there are also a few other perks to using the French Press over other coffee brewers.

anatomy of a french press

First off, there isn’t a paper filter used in the French Press– it’s not needed and not necessary.

The built-in mesh filter does an excellent job of keeping the coffee particles in the carafe and out of your cup. Not only that. By ditching the paper filters, you’re going to experience a much more full-flavored cup of coffee due to all of the flavorful oils that are often filtered out through paper filters, ending up in your cup.

Brewing coffee in the French Press allows for “steeping.” Simply put, your ground coffee will stay submerged in hot water for longer than, say, an automated drip coffee maker or a pour-over such as a Chemex. The classic French Press also makes a great tasting cold-brewed coffee.

You’ll get more flavor extraction. This results in a much more full-bodied and flavorful final cup of coffee; trust me, you will be able to notice the difference in flavor from your very first sip.

These are just a few reasons why you should give the French Press a try.

Metal or Glass – Which is Better?

If you have already spent any amount of time looking at some popular French Presses, you have more than likely noticed that there are both borosilicate glass and stainless steel variations – so which is better?

The main difference between these two Press Pots is “heat retention.”

The glass French Press looks pretty, but they won’t keep your coffee as warm as a double-wall stainless steel press will.

But that shouldn’t stop you from buying a glass press, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the glass versions, and they can adequately keep your coffee hot for over 10 minutes, which is perfectly fine for most of you reading this (me included).

If you need to have piping hot coffee for longer than 30 minutes, then opt for the double-wall stainless steel press.

Either way, both options are great, and it boils down (pun not intended) to your personal preference on both style and heat retention.

Top-Rated French Press Coffee Makers

While writing this roundup, I literally put dozens of French Press coffee makers through their paces. Below are the brewers that made a list.

Bodum Chambord French Press

Bodum Chambord French Press

The Bodum Chambord Press coffee maker can brew up to 12-cups (roughly 51-ounces) of coffee in one session, making it an excellent option for 3 to 4 people.

However, keep in mind that these cup sizes are estimates based on smaller European size cups, so if you drink coffee by the mugful, you could probably get three full mugs out of this coffee press.

The main glass carafe body is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which is durable and can handle some high temperatures. The carafe itself is also dishwasher safe. However, I tend to only put the glass carafe section inside the dishwasher and not the entire metal press and filter.


  • The 3-part stainless steel mesh filter can be quickly taken apart from cleaning.
  • Many size options are available, from 12 oz. up to a large 51 oz.
  • Excellent build quality that’s made to last, plus replacement parts are available.
  • Fancy tea? You can use the Bodum Chambord for tea too!


  • I did notice that the mesh filter can’t be pushed all the way down to the bottom (not a deal-breaker).
  • It contains a plastic section at the top of the press, which could be an issue for some of you.
  • The glass carafe is thin, it can withstand heat from my tests, but I doubt it will hold up if knocked or dropped.


Bodum Kaffeebereiter ‘Eileen’

Bodum Kaffeebereiter ‘Eileen’

This French Press from Bodum is a one-off design created to honor Irish designer Eileen Gray looks fantastic with its intricate stainless steel walled design that also helps to protect the glass from knocks and bumps.

The Bodum ‘Eileen’ 8-Cup press coffee maker has been carefully crafted to withstand commercial environments making it an excellent buy for busy restaurants or high street cafes. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in the home to make great-tasting brewed coffee.

The handle design has been purposely made round so that more than one French Press can be carried at any time; again, this is more tailored to a commercial environment where waitresses need to hold multiple items.

The glass carafe is made from durable borosilicate glass that does a reasonably good job of retaining heat and keeping your coffee warm. The outer casing design is chrome-plated steel that comes in various colors such as Green, Red, Silver, Black, Chrome, White, Copper, and Gold.

Just like any of the other popular glass wall stainless steel French Presses on my list, this particular offering would make a great addition to any coffee lover’s collection and comes with all of the benefits of brewed French-style coffee in a modernist style.


  • Unique one-off design.
  • The body, lid, coffee filter, and plunger are made of stainless steel.
  • It is made in Portugal, not China.
  • Spare parts are readily available from the manufacturer.


  • The lid does seem a bit loose when pouring coffee.
  • The rubber handle is a plus, but the lack of rubber on the base allows the press to slide easily.
  • Due to the design, the Bodum can feel a little flimsy compared to other french presses.


Stanley Unisex Green French Press Mug

Stanley Unisex Green French Press Mug - 18 10 stainless steel

If you’re looking for a French press to take with you on your next camping trip that retains heat and keeps your coffee hot for ages, look no further than the Stanley green French press mug. The Stanely is exceptionally durable and has been crafted from two layers of naturally BPA-free 18/10 stainless steel.

This double-walled design provides excellent insulation that can keep your coffee hot for up to 4 hours – which you will be thankful for when you’re sat shivering next to a campfire!

Brewing in the Stanley is easy, and within four minutes, you will have enough coffee to share. Don’t fancy a hot drink? The Stanley has you covered with its unique design that keeps cold drinks ice cold for up to 9-hours.

The French press is vacuum-sealed, and the lid fits nice and snug to the body, so you needn’t worry about any accidental spills when your trekking through the wilderness.

If you’re tired of the regular glass French press and want something a little more durable, I can’t recommend the Stanley French Press travel mug enough – it is an excellent french press for the road!

Stanley has a lifetime warranty, so they will likely replace the coffee press if any parts should break, such as the plastic handle or the mesh filter.


  • This travel mug French Press is dishwasher safe.
  • 18/10 stainless steel walls to provide superior insulation.
  • It keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours, and it can keep cold drinks cold for up to 9 hours.


  • Some reports of minor paint chips on the outer body.


KONA French Press

KONA French Press Coffee Maker

The KONA is one of our best value French press coffee makers and is available in two colors (black and dark red).

The design is a little different than the above two offerings (the Bodum and SterlingPro) the outer frame is crafted from a durable insulating plastic material rather than stainless steel.

However, having plastic vs. stainless steel doesn’t affect how the coffee is brewed; it merely means that the whole coffee pot and glass carafe can be safely placed in the dishwasher.

Apart from that slight difference in design, the KONA Press coffee brewer is basically the same. It’s easy to use and has a durable heat-resistant, extra thick clear Borosilicate glass carafe and a stainless steel filter that fits snugly inside, and the Kona can also brew loose tea.


  • Use the Kona Press for both coffee and tea.
  • The French press is dishwasher safe.
  • The outer shell wrapped around the glass carafe aids in heat retention.


  • Glass is a little thin and will crack easily if knocked or bumped.
  • The lid of the unit I tested was a little loose. I’m not sure if this is the same with all of the Kona French Presses. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it could be a bit more snug.


Hunt Brothers French Press

Hunt Brothers French Press Coffee Maker

​If you’re looking for a simplistic French press, I recommend that you take a few minutes to look at the Hunt Brothers. The materials used in manufacturing the Hunt Brothers French Press scream quality.

From the premium heat resistant, dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass through to the elegant stainless steel frame and handle, make this Press a must-have!

When testing the Hunt Brothers French Press, the superfine double mesh filtration system stood out to me, making this the clear winner at keeping those pesky coffee grinds out of your cup.


  • An extra screen is provided that can be used for double- screen-filtration or kept as a replacement filter.
  • Easy to clean and disassemble.
  • There is no plastic anywhere on this press.


  • This Press was larger than others on my list (it has a bigger lid and base, making it stand tall).
  • I found it to be heavier than other french presses I have used.
  • The Hunt Brothers French press is manufactured in Guangdong, China (this could be a deal-breaker for some of you?).


Stoneware Press from Le Creuset

Stoneware Press from Le Creuset

This stoneware French press is an excellent alternative to plastic and stainless steel press coffee pots.

Unlike most of the other French Presses, the Le Creuset Stoneware Press is made from a durable stoneware material with a high gloss enamel glazing which helps to keep your coffee warm.

It’s available in various colors such as cherry, blue, gray, yellow, green, and a few more that I can’t quite remember.

Even though the Le Creuset Stoneware French press is made out of a stoneware ceramic type of material, it still operates in the same way as any other French Press coffee brewer; it has a metal plunger with a filter inside like the others above.

The stoneware ceramic also aids in heat retention, which in turn means that you’ll have piping hot coffee for a lot longer when compared to some of the glass verities.


  • Non-porous enamel finish that resists odors and staining.
  • Completely dishwasher-safe.
  • No plastic parts are used anywhere.
  • ​It’s made of durable, high-fired stoneware.


  • Due to the heavy stoneware construction, this Press weighs a lot.
  • The metal filter did let through more sediment than some of the others.
  • The lid is heavy and does not seal into the unit properly.


Francois et Mimi Vintage Double Wall French Press

Francois et Mimi Vintage Double Wall Coffee Press

The Francois et Mimi Vintage has a 34 oz capacity, a decent size for 1 or 2 coffee drinkers. It’s been manufactured entirely from a high-quality double-walled stainless steel interior to keep your coffee hot.

It’s Francois et Mimi’s vintage look that sets it apart from some of the other Presses found on our list.

This classic French look never goes out of fashion; combine that with the durable stainless steel and hardy mesh screen filter, and this Press will be able to churn out piping hot coffee for many years with very little maintenance.


  • Double-wall design keeps liquids hot for longer.
  • Dribble-proof pouring spout.
  • Stainless steel construction means you don’t have to worry about breakages.
  • Easy to dismantle for thorough cleaning.


  • The plunger doesn’t push down all the way to the bottom.
  • Using abrasive cleaning pads will scratch the shiny stainless steel surface.


Frieling French Press (Double Wall Stainless Steel)

Frieling French Press (Double Wall Stainless Steel)

We have saved this stainless steel French Press to last. The Frieling stainless steel French Press is the crème de crème of press pots; it doesn’t get much better than this. Like the Francois et Mimi Press above, the Frieling Sterlingpro is manufactured entirely of double-walled stainless steel.

However, the Frieling can brew up to 36 oz. rather than only 34 oz. making it the better option more than the Mimi option above.

Just like the Francois et Mimi, the Frieling comes with a double-walled interior to keep your coffee hot for hours, and it’s worth pointing out that this quality stainless steel French Press was recommended over at Reddit (1) by avid coffee enthusiasts.

I also discovered that the filter has a better design than the Francois et Mimi Vintage above, plus the Frieling filter has a more snug fit.

It’s also worth mentioning that it seemed to filter out much more sediment and unwanted coffee grounds than some of the others – more than likely due to the better filter design.


  • A dual-screen means almost zero coffee sediment in your cup.
  • The coiled spring design ensures a tight-fitting plunger.
  • 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The insulated Press retained heat four times longer than glass.


  • ​I heard a scraping sound while pushing down the plunger due to the tight-fitting filter.
  • Like all stainless steel french presses, the metal body will scratch easily. If this bothers you, choose the “brushed” steel version find that here.


Belwares Double Wall Black Stainless Steel French Press

Belwares Double Wall Black Stainless Steel French Press

If you’re searching for a French Press that looks different from all of the others, take a look at the Belware black stainless steel French Press.

The Belwares Press screams sexy with its elegant and modern cylinder design. But looks aren’t everything, and the Belwares doesn’t disappoint when it comes down to functionality.

The double-wall​ provides a vacuum layered construction that is guaranteed to keep your coffee hotter for longer. The tight-fitting mesh filter ensures that next to no coffee grounds will make it into your cup.


  • A few extra filters provided free of charge.
  • ​It is manufactured entirely of metal, with no plastic components.
  • Features a triple-layered mesh filter.


  • The black coating on the stainless steel can scratch off.
  • I wouldn’t recommend putting this French Press in the dishwasher.


Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

​If you like the idea of a cylindrical double-walled French Press but also want some “out of this world” colors, I highly recommend that you look at the Gator French Press.

At the time of writing, the Gator Press was only available in 34 oz. capacity. Which shouldn’t be an issue for most of you reading this and enjoy two or more cups or want to share? Like many other Presses that made the list, the Gator Press also features a double-wall insulated stainless steel body for better heat retention.

Plus, a durable double filter helps remove more sediment without removing the oils that make the French press provide such delicious coffee. If you’re a fan of freebies, you will love the mini airtight coffee container that holds enough coffee for two full pots, which is perfect if you plan on traveling.

I haven’t seen any other presses in such bright colors as Green, Bright Orange, Pink, Red, Grey, and, lastly, regular brushed silver. They have to be seen to be appreciated, so make sure you head to Amazon to look at the full range.


  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • A full range of eye-catching colors makes this Press genuinely unique.
  • Double-wall construction provides superior heat retention.
  • Double screen filter produces a cleaner cup.


  • The canister is not recommended for the dishwasher.
  • The mesh filter seems a little flimsy.


What Size French Press Should I Get?

Once you’ve picked out your new French press coffee maker, the next question you’ll need to ask yourself is “what size”?

Almost all French Press coffee makers come available in various standard sizes ranging from a small 12 oz. up to a massive 51 oz.

different french press sizes

To keep things simple, coffee is typically measured in 4 oz. cups, but bear in mind that these are small cups. The average person tends to drink out of a large mug which is around 12 oz once full. So with some basic math, you should be able to determine just how big of a french press you’ll likely need.

Personally, I like to use a 34 oz. Press if I’m sharing, if that helps at all? And drinking alone you can’t beat a 3-cup French press.

How I Evaluated Each French Press

My testing process was pretty simple. First, I took each of the French Presses and put them in the dishwasher to see how they would hold up. Almost all manufacturers say that their French presses are dishwasher safe, but over the years, I have found that isn’t always the case.

Secondly, I ​looked at brewing coffee. I filled each French Press carafe to the brim with boiling water to ensure that they were durable enough to withstand high temperatures as promised by the manufacturer and held the advertised amount. Of course, the stainless steel pots were a pass, and I was more concerned with the borosilicate glass carafe beakers.

Another vital test I carried out was to see if a pre-ground, store-bought coffee at a medium grind would be suitable for the filters inside of the Press. I always recommend grinding your coffee at home, but I also understand that many of you buy pre-ground coffee, so a medium grind will be the product you would commonly find on the store shelves.

So bearing that in mind, it’s essential to know whether your French Press will work well with a store-bought medium grind coffee.

different french press pots for testing

I brewed batches of Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee (medium grind), Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend (medium grind), and Starbucks Breakfast Blend (medium grind). I noted how much of the grounds remained and how much slipped through the filter.

It’s also important to note that I disassembled each coffee press between testing batches to see how easy they were to clean.

Each batch of coffee brewed was then poured into cups and examined for taste, clarity, and how much sediment was left at the bottom of the cup.

All of the French Presses ​that made my list passed all of our tests with flying colors. However, almost all did let some coffee sediment through the fine mesh filter.

But this is understandable when you’re using store-bought pre-ground coffee at a medium grind. I recommend that you grind your whole bean at a coarse grind setting for better results.

(1) Reddit /r/coffee.

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