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Best Coffee Thermos 2020 (Top-Rated Insulated Flasks)

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy tasty home-brewed coffee in the car, at work, or even out in the wilderness whilst camping? Guess what! Now you can with one of these best thermoses for coffee, no longer will you be limited to drinking your favorite coffee at home, grab one of these flasks and sip on your cuppa Joe from absolutely anywhere.

In a previous article “How To Keep Coffee Hot” we briefly talked about thermos flasks as being an excellent option to keep your coffee hotter for longer. Since that article was published, a few readers have asked us which coffee thermoses we recommend. So as a spin-off from the previous article, we decided to write a full review of some of the best thermoses for coffee we could get our hands-on.

What’s The Point Of Buying A Thermos?

Do you find that your rushing out of the door first thing in the morning and don’t have enough time to grab a cuppa joe? This is where a good thermos can help.

I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest morning person and as much as I love my coffee I often struggle to get my caffeine fix especially when I’m juggling getting the kids ready for school, making sure I’ve had a shave and not forgetting letting the dog out for his morning ritual.

That’s why I simply can’t live without my thermos because now I can make my coffee in a hurry and then sip it on the go.

But the thermos isn’t just a heaven-sent for hectic mornings, it’s also great for taking to the beach or on camping trips. Besides camping, you can take a thermos with you to work, on the school run, and even to the mall (save money by not buying expensive coffee!).

So I’m sure you have already figured out that owning a good thermos is a must for any coffee lover. But, with so many different thermoses available in the marketplace you’ll want to make sure you purchase one that just right for your coffee-drinking habits – the designs can vary depending on what you’ll be doing with it the most and where you’re going to use it.

Yes, I know it can be daunting to choose “The One” with so many options to wade through. So, I’ve put together a few things to keep in mind when you’re going through various thermoses. Hopefully picking the right one should be a little easier.

How To Choose The Best Thermos

Not all coffee thermoses are equal, in fact, you’ll find that there is a huge variation in both quality and price when choosing the best thermos for coffee. If you want your coffee thermos to last through the daily barrage of knocking, commuting on public transport, and thorough cleaning you’ll want peace of mind that the thermos you have chosen is up for the job.

To ensure your new coffee flask ticks all of the boxes we have briefly covered some of the best features that any coffee thermos should have to be a worthy companion when you leave home.

Does Thermos Size Matter?

When choosing the best thermos for coffee, you’ll quickly discover that there are many different sizes to choose from, with sizes starting at small 16-ounce thermos mugs up to larger 40+ ounce beasts that can caffeinate a small army, okay not quite but you get my point.

The size of your coffee thermos boils down to what you will be using your flask for; are you drinking just for one, or are you sharing your coffee with others? Even if you’re not sharing I would recommend buying a coffee thermos that can hold more than one cup, a 16-ounce is a great size – let’s be honest when have you only had 1-cup of coffee!

The best thermos for coffee is going to keep your coffee hot for almost all of a working day. So with a larger flask, you’ll be content knowing that you’ll have enough piping hot coffee to get you through that painful Monday in the office (the better-insulated flasks might even pour you a hot coffee on your commute home).

Thermos Construction

Most of the best thermos flasks are manufactured from double-walled stainless steel, or sometimes plastic. Stainless steel is going to be the better option as far as we are concerned, and it will resist corrosion, rust, it will have no problem with both cold and hot temperatures and resists odor; plus it’s the best choice to hold up against the daily wear and tear of commuting to and fro from work.

Is Having A Handle Useful?

Depending on the size of the thermos flask a handle can be extremely helpful, the larger the size, the harder it will be to hold (especially with cold hands) firmly. However, remember that a handle will make it a bit more difficult to slip snugly inside of your backpack so if you intend on taking your coffee flask with you to work a handle might not be as important than if you were sat around a campfire with cold, numb fingers.

With that being said some of the best thermoses feature a removable handle, providing you with the best of both worlds.

Insulation Is A Must

Let’s be honest if your flask doesn’t keep your coffee hot then it’s pretty much useless. Insulation is a must when choosing the best thermos for coffee, luckily enough most of the better coffee flasks feature vacuum-sealed double-walled insulation. To put this into layman’s terms for the non-techies, the air is sandwiched between the outer walls of the thermos flask, when sealed the vacuum created will then remove air from in between the walls which in turn will virtually eliminate the convection process and temperature change.

Cup And Lip

On nearly all thermoses for coffee, the lids have been designed to also act like a cup and most of the better thermoses will feature an insulating cup that will keep your coffee hot while at the same time not burning your hands.

You will also find that the pouring lip will vary from thermos to thermos, some will be a simple screw cap while some of the best coffee thermoses will feature a twist and pour function that will allow you to pour without having to move the stopper.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the best coffee thermos should be able to fully come apart for deep cleaning, especially the pouring spout and cap sections to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and old coffee residue. If the thermos can’t be easily broken down into its different parts such as the rings, stopper, spout, and lid, we recommend that you look for one that can.

man knelt pouring coffee out of a thermos flask

Best Thermos For Keeping Coffee Hot In 2020

It doesn’t matter if you want a coffee flask for camping, for work, or taking with you on a long drive, below we have handpicked some of the best thermoses for keeping your coffee hotter for longer. To be honest, most of these will still deliver piping hot coffee by the time you clock out from work.

YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lid

YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lid

My recommended thermos for 2020 is the YETI Rambler, This “over-engineered” flask provides some of the best thermos technology to keep your coffee piping hot for longer.

The double walls of the Yeti are made of 18/8 stainless steel, so durability isn’t a problem – it’s built to last! The design of the insulation ensures that your coffee won’t drip of slosh about so you don’t have to worry about it leaking in your car or your morning walk.

What makes the Yeti Rambler unique is the “no-sweat design that eliminates any condensation from building up on the outside of the flask – so water stains on your coffee table are a thing of the past!

The Rambler is definitely a step above the competition when it comes to insulation technology.


  • BPA-free.
  • Sized to fit in all standard sized cup holders.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Make sure you’re buying a genuine YETI – there are many fakes.

Shop now at

Thermos Stainless King

Thermos Stainless King

You know you’re going to get one of the best thermos flasks for coffee from the company that spawned the term “Thermos” that we all use to describe an insulated coffee flask. Thermos has a HUGE selection of insulated coffee mugs, bottles, food jars, and flask, but one of their most popular thermoses is the Stainless King Beverage Bottle.

The Thermos Stainless King can keep your coffee hot for up to a whopping 24 hours, that’s impressive, to say the least. The Thermos vacuum insulation technology can also keep cold beverages ice cold, so taking a cold brew coffee with you when you leave the house in the summer months is also an option. The stainless steel body is always cool to touch when filled with hot coffee, and for those days you decide you want to store a cold beverage, the outer walls of the Stainless King are surprisingly sweat proof.

Available in various sizes and colors such as Cranberry, Matte Black, Midnight Blue, and plain stainless steel, there should be a color for you.


  • Keeps liquids hot for 24 hours or cold for up to 24 hours.
  • Insulated stainless steel serving cup.
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe.


  • No cons that I could find.

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Zojirushi Thermos

Zojirushi Thermos

The Zojirushi Thermos is perfect for the solo coffee drinker with sizes ranging from 12 to 20 ounces. These lightweight thermos mugs are small, compact and take up minimal space while maximizing capacity, in fact, they are narrow enough to fit into your car’s cup holder. A neat feature of this particular Zojirushi Thermos is the pictograph lock for a more secure fitting lid.

The Zojirushi Thermos has an extensive range of colors to choose from such as Black, Cinnamon Gold, Clean Red, Coral Pink, Pearl Pink, Slate Gray, and Turquoise Blue. The heat retention is also guaranteed for five years which is practically a lifetime in the world of thermos flasks for coffee.


  • Compact design takes minimal space.
  • Stopper disassembles for thorough cleaning.
  • Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel.


  • Sometimes leaked when left horizontal in my bag.
  • Outer body paint can scratch off easily.

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Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

Ask your granddad about the Stanley Thermos Flask, and I bet he could tell you a few stories. The classic Stanley Vacuum Bottle has been around for what seems like forever, and even to this day it still holds onto its classic hammer tone paint finish looks. The Stanley coffee thermos effortlessly keeps hot beverages piping hot for up to (and sometimes over) 24 hours and cold drinks nicely chilled for a lengthy road trip.

The flask comes in two colors (Hammertone Green/Hammertone Navy), and you can select from a wide range of sizes as well as thermos mugs like this one. It features not one but two lids that double as cups making it easy to share coffee with family, friends, or even colleagues. If you are looking for an extremely durable and hard-wearing thermos for coffee, the “Stanley” should be at the top of your list – oh and did I mention it comes with a lifetime guarantee!


  • Comes with a leak-resistant lid.
  • Completely rust-proof.
  • Wide mouth helps with easy pouring into the lid that also doubles as an eight-ounce cup.


  • No handle makes carrying a problem.

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Contigo Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Contigo Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

The best thermos for coffee doesn’t always have to be a large flask even a smaller travel mug can keep your coffee piping hot for extended periods of time. This is where the Contigo shines keeping your coffee hot for up to 5 hours. Sure, it’s not as impressive as the above Stanley or Thermos with their 24-hour heat retention, but for long car journeys, this is a great buy.

A smart feature of the Contigo is the “AUTOSEAL” lid that automatically seals between sips to prevent unwanted spills and leaks. It also features an auto-lock on the lid that prevents the AUTOSEAL button from being pushed accidentally while on the move. It’s these features that make it the best thermos mug for the car.


  • Completely spill and leak proof.
  • Easy one-handed drinking design.
  • Easy to dismantle for top-shelf dishwasher cleaning.


  • No obvious faults or cons.

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