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Can Drinking Black Coffee On An Empty Stomach Be Bad For You?

Let's be honest who doesn't reach out for a cup of black coffee first thing in the morning to jump start their day; I know I do. However, prying open those tired eyes by drinking black coffee on an empty stomach isn't the best idea, and in fact, it can cause a variety of health problems that might just offset coffee’s other rewards.

Many of us are in such a rush to get out the door in the morning with often skip breakfast in favor of a large mug of black coffee, but drinking coffee on an empty stomach can cause a big shock to our system and when you skip breakfast you're asking for trouble.

​We all know that coffee comes packed with many health benefits and is high in antioxidants which are primarily derived from chlorogenic acid which is great for treating many diseases, however, these chlorogenic acids are not so great when they hit an empty stomach.

​When that morning cup of black coffee hits your empty stomach, a reaction takes place that stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive system which in turn causes gastritis. If you've ever had to run to the bathroom after drinking a cup of coffee when your stomach is empty, this is most probably the number one culprit, but that's not all.

​The same Hydrochloric acid is what the stomach uses to break down food so if you unbalance the amount of this useful acid due to over stimulating with black coffee you're going to have problems properly digesting food for the rest of the day causing particular difficulty in dissolving proteins.

​And it doesn't end there because your digestive system is having a hard time processing proteins due to the lack of hydrochloric acid the proteins can become stuck. This can cause a range of health problems from irritable bowels, bloating, and even colon carcinoma.

​Do you ever crave sugar after you had a cup of black coffee in the morning this is the reason. When you drink coffee it causes your body to releases cortisol into your bloodstream, this stress hormone in some people can cause sugar cravings, can give you a foggy brain, and even disturb sleep patterns.

​But coffee lovers it’s not all doom and gloom, coffee is the foundation of my morning too, but I make sure that I get a bit of food in my stomach before I knock back my cup of black liquid gold. Even if it’s just a slice of toast, just something to help absorb the coffee when it enters my stomach.

​Side Effects Of Drinking Coffee On An Empty Stomach

​Still not convinced, here are three additional reasons why drinking black coffee an empty stomach is a bad idea.

​1. Increases the likelihood of Food Rotting in the Gut

​Drinking coffee has been shown to encourage the stomach to dump its contents into the small intestine before it’s been completely digested. If your food hasn't been thoroughly broken down, it can end up sitting inside of the gut rotting. This rotten undigested food can create the perfect place for harmful bacteria to grow which can then spread and then potentially damage the intestine walls.

2. ​Can Encourage Acid Reflux

​Suffer from heartburn after you drink a cup of black coffee? Having an empty stomach could be to blame. Coffee helps to relax the esophageal sphincter which is the muscle that locks the food and acids in your stomach stopping them from coming back up. Having a relaxed esophageal sphincter is a bad idea and you'll find that you'll suffer from acid reflux a lot more and you could also suffer from other complications such as ulcers, sores and even permanent damage to the cells of your esophagus.

​3. Over Stimulates Intestinal Wave Action

​The caffeine in coffee can interfere with your brain cells, or more specifically a neurochemical called GABA. It’s this neurochemical that's responsible for helping to calm the nerves in your body once they fire. If you find that you're suffering from excessive cramping in the stomach or you feel the urge to run to the bathroom after drinking coffee this could be the reason. The caffeine interferes with the GABA which can lead to overactive bowels.

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