Bodum Travel French Press Review

Taking a travel French Press with you when you run out of the door in the morning sounds like a great idea, and let’s be honest we all want to save a few minutes in the morning, right? That’s why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Bodum French Press stainless steel travel mug for those early mornings when I hit the gym.

I’m very fortunate in the fact that I work from home so I can spare a few extra minutes in the morning preparing my coffee. But for those of you that work in an office that only offers stale, bitter and burnt coffee or if you hate the overpriced watered down high street coffee, this Bodum Travel French Press is going to be a lifesaver.

Bodum Travel French Press Review

Bodum French Press Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If you’ve ever used a regular French Press chances are that you’ve heard the name Bodum, this name is synonymous with a range of good quality French press coffee makers, and they’re some of the best you can buy (in my opinion).

The Bodum Travel French Press marries together the function of a traditional French Press with the portability of an insulated travel mug. So there’s no need to purchase an expensive coffee maker as well as a separate travel mug or coffee thermosit’s the best of both worlds.

The Bodum insulated travel mug is made of double-walled stainless steel and has a handy non-slip rubberized band that goes all the way around the outer rim with embossed raised words that read “The Fresh Way To Brew Fresh Coffee & Tea.”

A little bit on the lid – Even though the cover does fit snugly onto the Bodum French Press Travel Mug and the seal is tight it still leaks if it’s put on its side (horizontally), allowing the spout to let coffee seep out. Now, for most of us, this shouldn’t be a problem, and I have saved my computer keyboard and car interior a few times when I have accidentally knocked the Bodum over. So in those instances, it won’t leak, but if you think you can throw this travel mug in your bag and forget about you might be in for a shock, it will leak!

Bodum boasts that their insulated travel mug can keep your coffee piping hot for up to 7 hours and there have been a few times when I’ve needed to remove the lid to release some steam so that I could and bring it down to a drinkable temperature. However, that being said I can only manage to keep my coffee hot for up to 2 hours at the most and not the promised 7 hours – still, that’s more than enough for my needs.

I purchased the stainless steel travel mug with the black band, but Bodum also has a range of other colors which, along with the black, include red, white, and green so there should be a color in the range for you.

Bodum Travel Press Instructions

bodum insulated travel mugUsing the Bodum stainless steel travel mug is pretty easy and straightforward, if you’ve used a regular French Press, you should have no problems. But for those of you who are unsure here are the basic Bodum travel press instructions in a few simple steps.

Add two tablespoons (+/- depending on your preference) of your favorite ground coffee into the Bodum travel mug.

Next pour in your hot water (between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal extraction), stopping when you reach about 1-inch from the rim of the travel mug.

Now give your coffee a stir for roughly 3 to 4 minutes and then add sugar and milk to taste (not sure why you would).

Once ready slowly push down the plunger until it’s fully depressed and then screw on the lid.

That’s it, you’re all set, and your coffee will now keep hot for over 2 hours!

bodum stainless steel travel mug

Final Ramblings on the Bodum Press

There’s only so much you can write about a stainless steel travel mug, and I think I’ve covered the essentials in this review. However, I might follow up with a brief video if time allows, so stay tuned for that! The Bodum Travel French Press is priced at around $20 (at the time of writing) and for that price you really can’t go wrong for a well-made travel mug with the added advantage of it doubling-up as a portable French Press at the same time.

I have owned a few travel presses over the past few years including the Espro, but the best travel coffee travel press, in my opinion, is the Bodum. Even though the lid does leak if it is placed horizontally that isn’t a deal breaker for me – let’s be honest only a muppet is going to throw a full insulated mug full of hot coffee into a bag anyway!

You shouldn’t have any problems finding the Bodum Travel French Press in established high street stores, although you’re probably going to get it a little bit cheaper online at places like Amazon. If you already own the Bodum Travel French Press why not leave a review in the comment section below?​

Bodum Insulated Traveling French Press


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