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Brewing The World’s Smallest Cup of Coffee

If you’re trying to reduce the amount of coffee you consume throughout the day you might want to try this. Finnish coffee roaster Paulig didn’t want your ordinary run of the mill coffee advertisement so thinking out of the box they contacted director and animator Lucas Zanotto and between them, they came up with this original miniature coffee brewing commercial.

Lucas Zanotto uses a small version of everything from the paper filter, mug, and even a tiny Chemex style carafe. First Lucas takes one Kenya AA-plus Karindum coffee bean and grinds the single bean using a nail file. He then adds the ground coffee to the paper filter. Next, Lucas boils water in a tiny pot over a naked flame, once boiled he then pours the water over the coffee grounds one droplet at a time.

Miniature cooking videos have been becoming increasingly popular on YouTube recently, with videos produced showing everything from scaled down Carbonara, tiny Shrimp Tempura, and even miniature Deep-fried Chicken.

You can discover more of the Helsinki-based director’s videos on his Instagram and Vimeo, accounts.

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