Cappuccino vs Latte: What Makes Them Different?

cappuccino vs latte

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Have you ever puzzled over the menu at your local cafe, unsure whether to order a frothy cappuccino or a creamy latte? If so, you’re not alone. These two espresso drinks are nearly identical. Both start with a base of espresso, but it’s the specific ratios of milk and foam that set them apart. 

In this post, I’ll unravel the key differences between a classic cappuccino and a latte – from their compositions to their flavor profiles and I will even touch on some of the history of both coffee beverages.

So, whether it’s selecting your next cafe drink or attempting to make one at home, differentiating between a latte or cappuccino will ensure you get the drink with the taste and texture you’re craving.

So join me as I demystify both of these popular drinks!

✔ Quick Answer

A cappuccino contains equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam for a creamy yet light-balanced flavor, while a latte features more steamed milk with less foam for a sweeter, milder drink.

What is a Latte?

espresso machine caffe latte

Originating in Italy, the term ‘latte’ actually means ‘milk.’ So, when you say ‘caffè latte,’ you’re literally asking for ‘coffee milk.’ This drink strikes a perfect balance between strong espresso and creamy steamed milk. 

A latte, known for its smooth and velvety texture, is a staple in the coffee culture around the world. At its heart, a latte consists of a single or double shot of rich espresso and a generous amount of steamed milk, topped with a light layer of foamed milk.

This blend results in a drink that is both comforting and refreshing, perfect for those who enjoy the robust flavor of coffee but prefer it softened by the creaminess of milk.

The art of making an ideal latte lies in the balance – the espresso must be strong enough to be distinguishable but not so overpowering that it overshadows the delicate sweetness of the milk.

Key Ingredients and Preparation

Crafting the perfect latte begins with a strong espresso shot. Choosing the right coffee beans is key, as it needs a rich flavor to complement the milk. For the milk, whole milk is ideal for its creamy texture. The art lies in steaming the milk to the right temperature, creating a silky microfoam.

The pour is crucial. Gently combine the steamed milk with the espresso, aiming for a balance where neither overpowers the other.

For those who enjoy latte art, this is the time to get creative. The proper ratio of espresso to milk is essential – it should be bold yet creamy, satisfying yet comforting.

A great latte is more than a drink; it’s a testament to the skill of blending espresso and milk into a harmonious beverage.

What is a Cappuccino?

Now, let’s talk about the cappuccino – a drink that’s as fun to say as it is to sip. A true icon in the coffee world, the cappuccino holds a special place in the hearts of many coffee lovers.

The cappuccino is a show-stopper with its rich layers and bold flavor. Originating from Italy, much like its cousin, the latte, the cappuccino is a harmonious blend of espresso, steamed milk, and a crown of frothy milk foam. It’s like a morning pep talk in a cup.

The key to a great cappuccino? It’s all about the balance and ratio of each element. Imagine a three-layered symphony – the robust espresso forms the base, the steamed milk adds smoothness, and the foam on top is the cherry on the cake, or in this case, the foam on the coffee!

Key Ingredients and Preparation

How is a cappuccino made? First, start with a shot of espresso – this is your foundation. A dark-roasted coffee bean works well and is my favorite choice, especially if you want a strong, rich flavor. Next, steam the milk to a creamy consistency, but keep an eye out for that milk foam. 

The foam should be light yet thick enough to hold its shape. Now, the magic happens when you pour the frothed milk over the espresso, creating a perfect layering effect. The final touch, a generous dollop of foam, gives the cappuccino its signature look and texture.

When done right, each sip should be a delightful mix of coffee, milk, and foam. It’s not just a coffee; it’s an experience.

Latte vs Cappuccino: The Key Differences

So, we’ve talked about what makes a latte and a cappuccino. But let’s get to the heart of the matter: what really sets these two popular drinks apart?

Is it just the art on top, or is there more to the story?

Spoiler alert: there’s definitely more.

Espresso ContentTypically, one or two shots*Typically, one or two shots*
MilkMore steamed milk, less foam Equal parts steamed milk and frothed milk foam 
TextureCreamier and smootherLighter with more texture from the foam
FlavorMilder due to more milkStronger coffee flavor
PresentationOften served in a taller glassServed in a smaller cup with foam on top
Best ForThose who prefer a milkier coffee drinkThose who enjoy a balanced coffee taste
* both the cappuccino and the latte can have one or two shots of espresso. This is a choice you have to make if you want a stronger drink, or it’s the standard set by the cafe in how their drinks are made with espresso. 

What’s the Difference with Milk Texture and Ratio

When you look at a latte and a cappuccino side by side, the first difference that jumps out is the milk.

In a latte, there’s more steamed milk, giving it a creamier, milder taste. On the other hand, a cappuccino is all about balance and equality.

Equal parts of espresso, frothed milk, and foam create a harmonious trio. The cappuccino’s foam cap isn’t just for looks; it adds a delightful texture and keeps the drink warm. 

Flavor Profile of Both Espresso-Based Drinks

Now, let’s talk flavor. The latte is your go-to if you’re after a gentler, milkier coffee experience, the latte is your go-to. The larger amounts of steamed milk soften the harshness of the espresso, which is ideal for those who like their coffee smooth and soothing.

With its equal parts of coffee, milk, and foam, the cappuccino offers a more pronounced coffee flavor – bold and invigorating.

The foam adds a unique texture, making each sip a delightful balance of creamy and airy.

So, in the battle of flavors, it’s not about which is better, but rather, which one sings to your palate.

Latte and Cappuccino Compared to Other Espresso Drinks

Now that we’ve got a handle on lattes and cappuccinos let’s see how they stack up against some other stars of the espresso world.

Every coffee drink has its own personality, and knowing these differences not only makes you a savvy coffee drinker but also helps you find your perfect cup.

Cappuccino vs. Macchiato

Cappuccino and latte macchiato are two Italian classics, but they’re as different as, well, apples and oranges. A macchiato, which means ‘stained’ or ‘spotted’ in Italian, is a robust, strong, bold espresso stained with just a dollop of milk or foam.

Think of it as espresso with a whisper of milk.

In contrast, a cappuccino is more about harmony and balance with equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam.

So, if you’re in the mood for a potent coffee kick with a hint of milk, a macchiato is your go-to. But if you prefer a smoother, more balanced brew, then it’s cappuccino time.

If you want to know more about the key differences of these popular drinks, read our in-depth article > Macchiato vs. Cappuccino vs. Mocha vs. Latte

Latte vs. Flat White

And then there’s the latte versus flat white debate.

While they may look similar, the devil is in the details. A flat white, hailing from Australia/New Zealand, offers a stronger coffee flavor than a latte. It’s made with a double shot of espresso and a thinner layer of microfoam, resulting in a richer, more velvety texture.

In comparison, a latte is milder, with more milk and a light layer of foam grab a flat white m.

So, grab a flat white if you’re after a more intense espresso experience with a smooth texture. But a latte is your best bet if you’re in the mood for something gentler and milkier, a latte is your best bet.

If you want to know more about the differences, read our in-depth article > Flat White vs Latte

Creating Art with Coffee

Coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a canvas for creativity. Whether it’s the elegant designs on a latte or the textured patterns on a cappuccino, coffee art turns your morning cup into a visual as well as a sensory delight.

Latte Art

Creating caffè latte art is like painting but with milk instead of paint.

It starts with a classic latte – a perfect blend of espresso and steamed milk. The magic happens when the milk is poured. The key is in the pour; steady and precise, it allows the milk to swirl and form beautiful patterns on the surface.

Each design adds a personal touch to your latte, from simple hearts to intricate rosettas.

Cappuccino Art and Creativity

Cappuccino art is a bit different.

With its equal parts of espresso, milk, and foam, a cappuccino provides a textured surface for creativity. The thick foam acts as a perfect canvas for bold patterns and designs. You might see baristas sprinkle cocoa or cinnamon to add a dash of color and flavor, enhancing the espresso taste.

Whether it’s a simple leaf pattern or an intricate animal design, each cappuccino art is a testament to the barista’s skill and creativity. 


Well, there you have it. We’ve taken a closer look at the rich and creamy world of lattes and cappuccinos, uncovering what sets them apart and makes each unique.

Remember, the main differences lie in the milk-to-espresso ratio and texture. Latte has more steamed milk and is smoother and a lot milkier, while a cappuccino offers a balance of espresso, milk, and foam.

But don’t just take my word for it.

The true joy of coffee lies in exploration and experimentation. Each coffee shop has its own unique take on these popular drinks, and part of the fun is discovering your favorite.

So, next time you find yourself in a coffee shop, feeling adventurous, why not switch it up? If you’re a latte lover, try a cappuccino, and vice versa. Who knows, you might just find a new favorite!


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