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American Coffee Machines NOT Made in China

When I set out to find some American coffee machines, I didn’t realize just ho hard the task would be, because nowadays it seems like everything is made in China. I can fully understand why USA manufacturers prefer to have their coffee makers made overseas after all these big companies have shareholders and they also […]

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Moka Pot vs. Espresso Machine

If you love espresso, you really should have one of these coffee makers in your brewing arsenal. Both the Moka Pot and the Espresso Machine are capable of making an espresso, but only one can make an actual espresso shot by definition, keep on reading to find out which one wins in this showdown or […]

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BUNN Coffee Maker Showdown

If you are currently shopping around for a new BUNN coffee maker and you’re confused by all of the different types offered by BUNN then you’ve landed on the right page. I can understand how you may be confused, BUNN has been around for what seems like forever and in that time they have pushed […]

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Nespresso Machines Are They Any Good?

The Nespresso machine looks great on the snazzy marketing material, but does it really live up to the hype of being a full fledged espresso maker alternative? No, not really, let’s be honest, there will always be a place for a proper espresso machine. But if you want a to brew decent a palatable coffee […]

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AeroPress vs. French Press

​For any aspiring home barista just heading into the vast world of coffee understanding the differences between the AeroPress and the French Press can leave you scratching your head. Sure on paper, these two look like they work in the same way; you add your ground coffee, then some water, wait a bit and then […]

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