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In my opinion using the pour over coffee method is the best way to make coffee. Everything related to pour over can be found in this section of the site.

Best Whistling Tea Kettle For The Tea Drinkers!

As much as I love my coffee, once in a while a refreshing cup of tea makes for a great alternative from the daily grind. When I reach for my loose tea I also like to dig out and dust off my whistling tea kettle. There is something homely about using a proper old fashioned […]

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Do You Really Need A Pour Over Kettle?

I was recently asked whether a pour over kettle was really needed. The pour over kettle or Gooseneck kettle as they are often termed are an essential part of any barista’s coffee kit. However, that doesn’t mean that you should run out and buy one just because the “big boys” are using them, here’s why. […]

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Chemex Pour Over What is it and How Do I Use It?

Have you ever thought it was time to ditch those push-button coffee makers and get back to the basics of coffee making? Let’s be honest, in today’s modern world of electronic coffee makers the art of making a good cup of coffee has been lost to beeps, buttons, and hefty instruction manuals when all that […]

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