A Clean Coffee Grinder In Under 1-Minute

Brewing the best tasting coffee starts with a solid foundation. By maintaining your coffee gear, such as your coffee grinder, you’ll ensure that the coffee you brew will be clean and well-balanced. The last thing you want are those premium single origin coffee beans to be tainted with old stale coffee that’s been sitting around in your grinder for weeks or god forbid months.

Clean Coffee Grinder

If you’ve held off cleaning your coffee grinder thinking that it’s going to cost you an afternoon of your time, relax because I’m going to show you how to clean your burr grinder in under 1-minute.

How Often Should I Clean My Coffee Grinder?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and it really boils down to how regularly you use your coffee grinder. Personally, I give mine a clean once a week or sometimes twice if I’ve been grinding up oily espresso beans.

In a commercial setting such as a busy high street coffee shop, the primary coffee grinder will be cleaned daily. But at home, I don’t see the need to clean your grinder daily, but you can if you want too.

Cleaning your coffee grinder needn’t be hard, and in this article, I have tried to make the whole process as pain-free as possible. The first method requires rice, yes you heard me correctly, rice, let’s take a look.

Clean Your Grinder With Rice (Budget Option)

Clean Your Grinder With Rice

The cheapest and easiest way to clean your burr coffee grinder is to use plain, uncooked rice. Using rice will help to remove any old grinds and residue that’s trapped inside the grinder. It’s cheap and efficient and will take roughly 1-minute to get your grinder in tip-top shape.


Set your coffee grinder to its finest setting (espresso setting is fine).

Add a ¼ cup of rice into the bean hopper (have more ready if needed).

Start to grind and watch as the rice starts to be pulled through.

You’ll notice that the rice will be speckled and dirty when it first appears, but as you continue to grind the rice, it should start to become whiter and whiter.

Once the rice is white you can stop, your grinder is now clean.

I recommend running through some old coffee beans before you use the grinder to make sure that any leftover pieces of rice have been fully removed.

Pro-Tip: Haven’t got a burr grinder? If you own a blade grinder like the KRUPS F203, you can use bread rather than rice too quickly clean and remove old ground coffee with ease. Simply add your bread to the grinder and turn on. Your grinder will look like new!

Use Cleaning Tablets (Barista Option)

Use Cleaning Tablets

The second option to bring life back to your dirty coffee grinder is to use professional cleaning tablets. These tablets work in the same ways as the rice but contain active ingredients that will help to remove oily buildup and will also sanitize your grinder at the same time.

urnx grindz closeup

Urnex Grindz shaped like a regular coffee bean!

If you live in a household where some family members drink regular coffee, others decaffeinated and some prefer flavored coffee beans; I highly recommend investing in these clean coffee grinder tablets. They remove and prevent flavor transfer when switching between different types of coffee.


Use these cleaning tablets in the same way as you would with normal coffee beans.

Add 1 capful (35-40 g) of Urnex Grindz into the bean hopper on your grinder.

Set your grinder to medium setting.

Start to grind until all of the clean tablets have been processed.

That’s all that is needed; your grinder will be as clean as the first day it was used.

I recommend priming the coffee grinder by running through some old throw-away coffee beans before you use the grinder to make sure that any leftovers have been fully removed.

Urnex Grindz Grinder Cleaning Tablets


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