Coffee Gator Canister Review

A couple of months ago I picked up a new coffee storage container from Coffee Gator. I had already purchased the Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Kettle and liked the quality of that product, so I decided to give the Coffee Gator Canister a try. I already own a handful of good coffee storage containers that I use daily but as my coffee obsession increases so does the need for more places to keep my coffee fresh.

Coffee Gator is a relativity new company in the world of coffee equipment, but William Evans, the guy behind Coffee Gator, already seems to be building up a strong fan base. You’ll find the Coffee Gator team actively promoting their products as well as offering discounts on coffee brewing essentials via their Facebook page and over on the main website.

Coffee Gator Canister Review

So how does this coffee container stand up against the competition? Is it worth putting your hand in your pocket and parting with some cash? Let’s take a closer look.

Coffee Gator Canister Standout Features

The first thing that caught my eye when I removed the Coffee Gator canister from the packaging was the elegant brushed steel container. Unlike many of my other coffee storage containers which are plastic or glass, it was a refreshing change to see a stainless steel canister. This stainless steel design also helps to keep the static to a minimum, which is a common problem when storing freshly ground coffee.

With the purchase, I also received a free coffee scoop, and as a kind gesture, you also get access to a free coffee brewing eBook via an online download. They say first impressions count, and so far I’m impressed.

coffee gator container in hand

This particular container holds up to 1lb of whole beans, but there is a slightly bigger one available that can hold 1.1lb of beans. I’m not sure why the so called larger one can only store a tiny bit more I would have thought that a 2 lb capacity would have been a better option for a bigger upgrade.

A nice feature of the Coffee Gator container is the built-in dial on the lid that lets you set the expiry date of your coffee beans (according to the instructions), but I prefer setting the roast date using this dial which I think gives a better idea as to just how fresh my coffee beans are.

Coffee Gator Dail and Free Scoop

The lid also contains a built-in white filter inside of a CO2 release valve which apparently never needs to be replaced. This is new to me as all of the other coffee containers that I own need their filters replacing on a regular basis. I’m not sure if this “fixed filter” was intentional or an oversight on Coffee Gators part. Personally, I would like the option of replacing the filter, but for anyone new to coffee brewing I guess this makes it less confusing and more cost efficient.

The rubber seal seems to be very durable and does form an excellent airtight seal, but I guess only time will tell if it will hold up to the daily barrage of my coffee brewing routine. Now it’s worth pointing out that this seal is not a vacuum seal, but the lid does provide an air-tight closure that will keep your beans fresh.

rubber seal

The stainless steel locking clasp gives a reassuring snap as it is pushed down letting you know that you have formed a good airtight seal. One issue I did notice is that the lid wouldn’t align correctly and form a good seal when closed hastily; so you have to make sure the top is position and aligned to the canister when closing to ensure you have a truly good seal.

locking clasp

Overall Impressions of the Coffee Gator Canister

For the money the Coffee Gator canister is a decent buy and does what it’s designed to do – keeping your coffee beans fresher for longer. It seems to be well made and durable, and the dial on the lid is a good way to keep track on just how fresh your beans are. This dial becomes even more beneficial when you have multiple canisters with different coffee beans stored at varying stages of freshness.

The free scoop, coffee brewing eBook, and follow up emails are also a nice gesture from Coffee Gator. If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your coffee beans fresh the Coffee Gator canister a good buy and on par with the competition in this price range.

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