Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Kettle Review

I recently picked up a new pour over coffee kettle from the guys over at Coffee Gator and thought it was about time I did a quick review. I already own a few other pour over kettles, and my standard go-to is the Hario Buono Pouring Kettle or the Bonavita Electric Gooseneck Kettle, which are both great kettles by-the-way if you haven’t used either those before.

Coffee Gator is relativity new in the marketplace and offers a few other pieces of coffee gear such as a Coffee Gator storage container and a manual coffee brewer. Even though they only have a handful of products Coffee Gator is gaining traction and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for coffee enthusiasts.

coffee gator kettle review

So how does this pour over kettle compare to the competition? Is it worth digging deep into your pockets to grab yourself the “Gator Kettle”? Let’s take a closer look at this crowd-pleasing kettle and find out what all the buzz is about!

Coffee Gator Kettle Standout Features

The first standout feature of the Coffee Gator pour over coffee kettle is the built-in thermometer prominently located on the lid. This thermometer is a great additional to an otherwise regular pour over kettle, and it helps to take the guesswork out of reaching the optimum water temperature.

To be honest, I haven’t come across this neat feature in any other gooseneck kettles, and it’s a welcomed addition as far as I’m concerned. It’s very clear to see with the green indicator when you are at the optimum brewing temperate of 95F-205F.

coffee gator kettle thermometer

The construction of the coffee gator kettle is brushed stainless steel which seems to be very durable on inspection. However, it does look a little thin so only time will tell how it holds up to my daily coffee brewing routine.

The water capacity of this kettle is 1-liter (32 ounces), but Coffee Gator does have a larger 1.2-liter (40 ounces) version if you’re in need of something a bit bigger. My only gripe is that even though the kettle states it has a 1-liter capacity you can only fill it to 0.6 liters due to it spilling over once it hits boiling. Now, this isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but the larger 1.2 liters would have been the better buy.

coffee gator kettle temperature

The pouring spout is long and nicely shaped and produces a smooth water flow which is vital for hand drip coffee perfection. The handle is comfortable and nicely balanced, I’m not sure what it’s constructed from but is seems to be some sort of durable plastic.

Coffee Gator state in their instructions that this kettle is suitable for halogen, gas, induction, or electric cooker ranges. However, I used it on my gas burner and quickly noticed the bottom turning black. My personal feeling is that if I continued to use it on the gas stove the bottom of the kettle would eventually become brittle and break away.

coffee gator kettle

After cleaning the base I now only use the Coffee Gator kettle to do the actual pour over and pre-heat my water in an electric kettle and then transfer it to the Gator; using the temperature indicator to make sure the water is heated correctly be before I pour.

I’ve found that this method works best when the water gets to a rolling boil for a while before you transfer it over to the Coffee Gator pour over coffee kettle; you’re almost guaranteed to have the temperature spot on.

coffee gator kettle base

Overall Impressions of the Gator Kettle

For the money, the Coffee Gator kettle is a decent buy, and the built-in thermometer is a neat feature that ensures you are hitting the optimum temperature on every pour. Like I said earlier, my only concern is how thin the stainless steel is, and if you are using it on an open heat source such as a gas burner, I can see it deteriorating rather quickly over time.

That being said, one thing I do love about this pour over kettle is that the only thing which ever comes into physical contact with the water is stainless steel. There’s absolutely no rubber gaskets, plastic or epoxy or resins or glues or anything else that can contaminate your boiling water and final coffee brew.

If you’ve followed this coffee blog for any amount of time, you’ll probably already know that for the perfect hand drip coffee you’ll need a steady, even flow of water at the right temperature. If your water is too hot, your coffee beans are going to be burnt which in-turn will give you a bitter tasting cup. Too cold and you’ll never release the full locked-in flavor from your beans.

​This is where the Coffee Gator kettle does excel and ticks all of the boxes for hitting the correct water temperature and allowing for a steady even flow of water. If you’re buying your first pour over coffee kettle, you can’t go wrong with the Coffee Gator – it’s one that’s worth checking out, for sure.

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