How to Make Coffee Ice Cubes? (PERFECT For Adding To Cold Brew Coffee!)

If you’re a lover of iced coffee drinks, this simple trick will bring your iced coffee beverage to a whole new level. When the weather is hot there's nothing better than an iced coffee, right?

​However, one of the problems with iced coffee is the fact that regular ice tends to water down the brew once it melts, and if you’re like me the stronger the coffee, the better.

​What you need are some coffee ice cubes (yes you heard me right, frozen coffee ice cubes) to keep your iced coffee full flavored till the VERY last drop.

​No, I’m not going crazy, you really can make coffee ice cubes quickly at home in practically the same way you would make regular ice and they also taste great with a creamy Baileys or even slipped into a cheeky vanilla vodka.

​What do you Need to Make Coffee Ice Cubes?

​Making coffee ice cubes at home is SUPER easy, in fact, it’s as simple as pouring some leftover cold coffee from your carafe, thermal flask, or cold brew French Press into an ice tray. Just the same as you would normally do to make ice but with cold coffee instead. See I told you it was EASY!

​If you have no leftovers, just make a small fresh brew or if you have a single cup coffee maker just use that to make one cup and then once cooled pour the coffee into your ice tray.

​Can you use regular ice cube trays? YES, but I find that those flexible silicone ice trays like these are the BEST type for not just coffee ice cubes but also for regular ice too (if you’re feeling adventurous these ice trays can be used as a mold for cubed coffee fudge).

TIP: Try not to use old coffee, as tempting as it may be at the time to use old coffee that's been sat on the hot plate stewing for 8 hours, don’t do it. It’s just going to ruin your delicate iced coffee with bitter tasting coffee ice cubes.

​Next time you make iced brewed coffee throw in a handful of coffee ice cubes, and once they melt, the strength of your coffee will remain the same until the VERY last slurp!

​Are They Just for Iced Coffee?

​Hell no! I enjoy a Baileys every so often, and as an experiment, I threw in a handful of coffee ice cubes into my glass, boy it bought my Baileys to a whole new level, honestly give it a try! Some other drinks that coffee ice cubes complement are Kahlua, vanilla vodka, or simply added to cold milk.

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