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Best Coffee Kit For Under $100 (Everything You Need To Get Brewing!)

When you first discover the world of great tasting coffee brewed by a REAL barista (not those unicorn frappuccino’s) using the freshest beans with simple pour over brewers you’ll most definitely want to continue drinking awesome coffee at home. For most people embarking on a home coffee kit, the price of the best coffee accessories can leave you gasping for breath.

​By the time you’ve bought a coffee scale, a simple coffee brewer, and let us not forget a decent coffee grinder, your limited budget will soon be skyrocketing into hundreds of dollars. But it doesn’t have to be expensive when you’re first getting your feet wet in home coffee brewing, in fact, you can get everything you need for a home coffee kit for under $100.

Yes, you heard correctly, for under $100 I have picked out a great selection of coffee makers, grinders, and coffee scales, and in most cases, you’ll have change left over for an Americano at your local coffee shop.

​This coffee kit is perfect for those of you just starting out, and these coffee accessories will brew coffee with the best of them; in fact, a lot of these brewers are a coffee geeks daily go-to. Let's take a closer look.

Coffee Kit On A Budget

No coffee kit is complete without a coffee maker to brew your coffee. For under $100 your options are limited especially when you are trying to add a coffee scale and a grinder to your home brewing kit as well. The best option is going to be some sort of manual coffee brewer like an AeroPress, a Hario V60, or even a French Press.

coffee brewing kit

​While there are some automatic drip coffee makers available for cheap, I would recommend that you opt for a manual approach so you can get a feel for how coffee is really brewed rather than just pressing a button.

All of the coffee accessories below have been carefully chosen so no matter which you pick for your coffee kit you won’t end up spending more than $100 for any three items. Choose any one coffee brewer, one coffee scale, and one coffee grinder, and we GUARANTEE you’ll have change left out of $100 bill.

1. Coffee Brewer

  • French Press
  • Hario V60
  • AeroPress
Bodum Chambord Classic Coffee Maker

For anyone just starting out the French Press is a great option, it’s super easy to use and has some “wiggle room” meaning that any brewing errors can go unnoticed, leaving you with a drinkable cup of Joe.

The French Press is a cylindrical glass or metal vessel. Your coarse ground coffee is added to the carafe.

A metal plunger with a mesh filter is then used to separate the grounds from the brewed coffee.

More details on the brewing process can be found here in this article how to brew coffee in a French Press, and these are some of our recommended French Press Pots.

2. Coffee Grinder

No coffee kit is complete without a good coffee grinder. We recommend that you buy a burr grinder and stay clear of the cheaper blade grinders. Don’t worry, even a good manual burr grinder can be picked up for cheap. A burr grinder is going to give you a uniform grind which is going to lead to a better extraction, especially if you’re using a pour-over brewing method. If you want an antique coffee grinder take a look at these but don't expect them to be cheap.

  • JavaPresse Grinder
  • Krups gx5000
  • Hario Mini Mill
JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

You really can’t go wrong with the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. It’s small compact, and if you have chosen an AeroPress for your coffee kit, you’ll find that the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder fits snugly inside of the AeroPress for easy storage or taking with you when you travel.

No batteries are needed in the JavaPresse, so you’ll have to break a sweat for that cuppa Joe! With over 18 grinder settings this grinder can tackle almost any traditional brewing method such as Chemex, French Press, Pour Over, AeroPress, Turkish, and can even be used as a Spice Grinder.

The JavaPresse utilizes a ceramic burr grinder which ensures that no heat is built up that could overwise ruin your freshly ground beans. Make sure to read my full JavaPresse Grinder review for more details.​

3. Coffee Scale

A crucial item in any coffee kit is a good coffee scale, without a scale you’ll end up guessing the correct water-to-coffee ratios, which for a beginner can be a difficult task. Below are some basic coffee scales that will get your ratios where they need to be.

There are better coffee scales available that will offer more features and functions, but for a basic coffee kit, one of the below options is more than adequate.

  • etekcity scale
  • ozeri touch
  • CoastLine Pocket Scale
Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

It doesn’t really get any cheaper than this for a coffee scale. For under $15 (at the time of writing) you can bag yourself a digital scale that comes with the must have features for weighing coffee such as a precise TARE function, quick unit conversion, as well as volume measurement.

Recommended Coffee Kit For Beginners

coffee accessories

To save you time we have gone through the various TABS above and have crafted a coffee kit that is perfect for any beginner.

At the time of writing the coffee brewing kit came in at just under $80, no to shabby for a basic setup that will get you brewing great tasting coffee at home.

And as promised you will still have change leftover for an Americano coffee at your high street coffee shop (just keep away from those Unicorn Frappuccino’s).

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