Organize Your K-Cups With A Coffee Pod Holder!

If your morning coffee is brewed using a coffee pod or K-Cup you probably know just how hard it is to keep those dozens of K-Cups laying around organized, right? With all of the different coffee flavors, specialty coffees and various teas readily available you need a simple solution to keep things organized in your kitchen.

Let's be honest there is nothing worse than rummaging through a box of loose mixed K-Cups bleary eyed in the morning trying to find that one Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend that you know you have somewhere in there. What you need is a coffee pod holder to organize your K-Cups.

In this article, I have given you a helping hand to get those unorganized K-Cups arranged and sorted using either a cheap coffee pod holder or a compact K-Cup drawer.

​I have picked out some of the best coffee pod holders, drawers, and even carousels I could find to help you to easily keep your coffee collection neatly and conveniently arranged. So grab yourself a coffee sit back and let's take a look.

Organize Your K-Cups

Every K-Cup Coffee Drinker Needs a Coffee Pod Holder!

If the above picture resembles your collection of coffee pods maybe it's time to get things organized. You don’t have to fork out a lot of money to keep your pods looking neat and tidy, in fact, it can cost less than a high street latte to get things arranged; let's take a look at some options.

Oak Leaf Coffee Pod Holder Carousel

coffee pod holder carousel

My first recommendation is a budget friendly coffee pod holder carousel by Oak Leaf. This K-Cup carousel can hold up to 35 coffee pods for simple, efficient at-a-glance storage. The base also rotates 360 degrees making it super easy to find that one K-Cup that's hiding around the back.

Even when fully loaded with pods the carousel is incredibly lightweight, so much so, that it can easily be stored inside of a kitchen cupboard and then removed when needed or when you are entertaining friends. The carousel has a chrome finish and features rubber grippers on the base to help keep the K-Cup dispenser in place.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash to keep your coffee pods organized this is a great option. Alternatively, if you have limited kitchen space, the carousel is the perfect space saver for your K-Cups. If you can't find one locally, you can always find the Oak Leaf Coffee Pod Holder readily at Amazon.

Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill

Mind Reader Triple Drawer Coffee Pod Holder

If a coffee pod holder carousel isn’t what you're looking for how about a K-Cup drawer to keep your coffee pods organized. The Mind Reader Triple Drawer Coffee Pod Holder has six rows and three drawers to help you to organize your favorite coffee pod flavors easily.

The neat thing about this K-Cup drawer is that it's been made from sturdy, durable plastic which means you can place your coffee maker directly on top and then have your pods dispensed below via the three drawers which in turn will save you even more space!

If you own a single cup coffee maker that isn’t one of the popular Keurig branded machines, the Mind Reader Triple Drawer can accommodate not only Keurig K-Cup’s but also Dolce Gusto, Verismo, and CBTL single serve pods as well and various other brands. Just make sure you pick the right unit (they have 3 to choose from) when you make your purchase because they have varied drawer sizes depending on your specific coffee pod brand.

If the Mind Reader Triple Drawer Coffee Pod Holder sounds like the right coffee pod holder for your needs, you can find it over at Amazon.​

Coffee Pod Wall Dispenser by Mind Reader

Coffee Pod Wall Dispenser by Mind Reader

If none of the above storage holders are what you're looking for how about a professional looking coffee pod dispenser on your wall or fridge? The Coffee Pod Wall Dispenser by Mind Reader is the ultimate space saver when it comes to storing your K-Cups, making it the perfect choice for small kitchens or even offices.

It holds up to 20 single serve coffee pods which are neatly arranged in 3 open view compartments making it easy see and choose your favorite serving. The Mind Reader Dispenser mounts effortlessly to almost any surface albeit a tiled kitchen wall, a refrigerator or even on the side of a kitchen cupboard.

A neat feature of this Coffee Pod Wall Dispenser is the cork board at the top with allows you to pin to-do notes such as grocery shopping lists, coffee pod inventory or any other important messages that you need to remember.

The Mind Reader Coffee Pod Wall Dispenser is not readily available in brick and mortar stores, but Amazon always has stock.​

Keurig Universal K-Cup Storage Rack

Keurig Universal K-Cup Storage Rack

For just a little over ten bucks, you can get this K-Cup storage rack which holds up to 35 coffee pods. The Keurig coffee pod rack can be mounted on a wall, placed inside of your kitchen drawer, or simply set standing on your kitchen counter top.

Unlike other coffee pod holders that are coated in plastic, rubber, or chrome plated, the Keurig coffee pod holder has a speckled, stylish hammered bronze finish that should easily blend with any style of kitchen décor.

For anyone looking for a simplistic way of keeping their coffee pods organized this is an excellent solution that provides multiple ways to keep things organized and in easy reach.

I have not seen this particular model in any or my local stores, so if you have trouble finding one you can always head over to Amazon and pick one up, they always seem to have stock.

Nifty Single Serve Coffee Pod Basket

Nifty Single Serve Coffee Pod Basket

Maybe not as organized as the other coffee pod holders above but still better than having your K-Cups scattered all over your kitchen. The Nifty Single Serve Coffee Pod Basket is a stylish and contemporary way to store all of your favorite coffee pods in one place.

​The two baskets can hold roughly 30 coffee pods with about 15 in each tray. To help stop the coffee pod basket from slipping around your kitchen counter top the feet have rubber non-slip ends.

​I have been told that you can purchase multiple coffee pod baskets and then stack them up on top of each other so that you could potentially store and organize up to 60+ coffee pods on your kitchen counter top. Each of the baskets snap together firmly making the structure pretty stable when fully stocked with coffee pods.

​For the money, you really can’t go wrong with this coffee pod holder especially when you have the option the stack them up and increase your storage capability. Pick one up from Amazon if it sounds like what you're looking for, plus if you take a look at the reviews you will see some buyers’ coffee pod holder ideas using this same basket; it's amazing how creative people can be!

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