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Review: Conair Cuisinart Brew Central (DCC-1200)

The Conair Cuisinart Brew Central (DCC-1200) programmable 12-cup coffee maker is a great little coffee maker for anyone who wants a high-quality machine that's full of features for a great price. This coffee maker brews a tasty cup of coffee, actually, the coffee I brewed tasted better than the coffee I've had at some well known high street coffee shops (just goes to show where I tend to drink my coffee, hey).

The difference in taste could be down to the charcoal water filter that's built-in to this machine and the shower head design of the water spout (all of these small touches do make a difference to the taste of your final brew). The water rains down over the ground coffee which helps to give a smooth tasting cup of coffee.

Conair Cuisinart Brew Central (DCC-1200) programmable 12-cup coffee maker review

Cuisinart Brew Central Standout Features

The Cuisinart Brew Central coffee maker also comes with many advanced features not generally seen in other coffee makers in this price range. Some of the advanced features include an automatic shutoff, a self-cleaning function, a programmable digital clock with a 24-hour advanced-brew setting, and an audible beep that signals the end of the brew cycle, all of which makes brewing the best-tasting coffee a breeze.

As with many of the other best drip coffee makers the Brew Central comes with a glass carafe that snuggly sits on a nonstick heating plate. You have the option to adjust the heating level of the non-stick plate to low, medium, or high settings to keep your freshly brewed coffee from becoming bitter while it keeps warm on the heating plate.

Filter Type

The Brew Central coffee maker comes with a permanent gold tone filter for the coffee grounds (like this one), but if you prefer, you can also use paper filters. Using disposable filters although more costly makes it easier to keep your coffee maker clean as well as adding an extra level of protection against the cholesterol found in coffee oils, which a permanent filter tends to let through. (Check out my article Permanent Coffee Filter vs. Paper to see the differences)

However, having said that a lot of regular coffee drinkers prefer the fuller flavor that the natural coffee oils offer. If you opt to use the built-in permanent gold tone filter, it's recommended to clean it regularly so that any remaining oils do not take on a bad flavor and ultimately ruin the taste of your freshly brewed coffee.

Programmable Settings

One of my favorite features of this coffee machine is the fact that you can grab a cup of coffee while it is on a brew cycle. Just stop and restart the brewing process all without any mess or bother; the machine will continue its brewing cycle.

Cuisinart Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Another great feature to touch on is the audible alert tone that lets you know when your brew is done. You get a total of five beeps to give you a heads-up that your coffee brewing is just about to finish.

Are you forgetful? The Cuisinart Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker comes with a handy automatic shut-off function. With the timer, you can also program the machine to keep your coffee warm for up to four hours. You also have the option to automatically turn off the coffee maker at any time within 4-hours once the coffee has finished brewing.

Overall Impressions

If you are looking for a budget coffee maker that will take up little space on your kitchen countertop the Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central is a great compact unit. It has just enough features to keep any coffee lover happy, and at the same time, it's straightforward and easy enough to use that even your granny can operate it.

With the array of different colors available from pink, black, silver, green and loads more in between, there is sure to be a coffee maker that will fit in with your kitchen décor. This coffee maker has scored high in numerous consumer reviews, and over at Amazon, this unit is one of their best sellers.​

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Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200

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