Frieling French Press Review

Recently the marketplace seems to be inundated with French Press coffee makers which I think is partly to do with the sudden surge in popularity of this particular coffee brewer. Many coffee lovers are ditching the auto-drip coffee makers in favor of a more hands-on method of brewing coffee which offers much more control and the added ability to tweak your brew to your liking. The French Press is an excellent introduction to manual coffee brewing for the novice as it can be very forgiving compared to other hands-on coffee brewing methods.

Many of the popular French presses being sold are typically made from durable plastic combined with heat shock resistant Borosilicate glass. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with this type of French Press, and in fact, a couple of my favorites are actually plastic. However, one of the big drawbacks is they don’t tend to last very long. I’ve lost count of how many French Presses I’ve had to throw in the garbage due to the glass cracking or the plastic deteriorating after heavy and prolonged use.

The good news is that the Frieling French Press is a slightly different to other French presses in the fact that it’s constructed completely of stainless steel, not a piece of plastic anywhere. Let’s take a closer look.

frieling french press coffee maker

Frieling French Press Standout Features

The Frieling French Press coffee maker is a high-end stainless steel French Press coffee brewer that comes in various sizes including 8, 17, 23, 36 and 44 ounces. For this Frieling French Press review, the 36-ounce press pot was chosen.

Unlike some of the other stainless steel French presses out there that often still have plastic or rubber internals, the Frieling French Press parts are 100% stainless steel. The metal mesh plunger fits snugly to the side wall forming the perfect seal without the need of any rubber gaskets or seals often found in other glass French press pots.

Another smart feature of the Frieling French Press is it has a double wall, how is this beneficial? By having a double wall you trap (or sandwich) air in-between the wall which in turn helps to insulate and hold in heat.

frieling french press partsBecause of this double-wall insulation, your coffee is going to stay piping hot for a lot longer than it would with a regular glass French Press. In my personal testing, the Frieling has shown that it can stay hotter approximately four times longer, which is a considerable difference.

Naturally, the longer you leave your coffee in the Press Pot the stronger and more bitter it will become, so I don’t recommend that you leave your coffee in there for 4 hours. But it’s good to know that your coffee will be piping hot long enough for you to enjoy it.

I have found that some of the other cheap French presses tend to let some of the coffee grounds through the mesh plunger when you push down which then ends up in the bottom of the coffee mug (yuk!). Not with the Frieling French Press, The Frieling utilizes a 2-stage filter mesh plunger that incorporates a pre-filter followed by super-fine mesh filter that leaves almost no sediment in your coffee mug.

It seems like nothing has been overlooked in the design of the Frieling French Press and even the handle has been elegantly designed and is balanced perfectly; even with a full pot of coffee it was is incredibly easy to pour.

frieling french press review

Left: Normal French Press vs. Right: Frieling French Press

Frieling is so confident that you’ll like their French Press and will have no problems for at least five years because they give you a 5-year warranty that covers against any defects that might occur over that period.

I must admit that the Frieling does feel like a solid French Press that will indeed last for five years and beyond. My only concern is that I think the mesh filter will have to be replaced at some point which is easily removable and it’s apparent that spares are readily available when a replacement is indeed required.

Frieling Press Overall Impressions

All in all, the Frieling French Press is a beautiful press pot that brews a fantastic cup of coffee that will stay hot for much longer than glass equivalent French press pots; 4x longer!

It’s durable and extremely well made. The only downside apart from the mesh filter needing to be replaced probably after 12 months is the cost. Compared to a glass French Press the Frieling costs almost double.

However, I honestly believe it’s worth the initial investment (if it’s within your budget) because this is a French Press will last for many many years and will outlive almost all of the glass and plastic alternatives – you’ll be saving money in the long run!

Frieling French Press USA Double Wall Stainless Steel


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