The Health Benefits Of Coffee Consumption

It’s a virtual given these days that just about everyone enjoys coffee. Some drink it out of habit, some for an energy boost, and some because they legitimately love the taste, but one way or another most adults seem to find their way to being regular coffee drinkers. And because the drink and popular variations on it are already popular, we don’t really see much about the health benefits associated with it.

No one needs convincing of reasons to drink it. That doesn’t change the fact that there are some distinct health benefits though, and some of those are described briefly below.

health benefits of coffee

Increased Metabolism (and Fat Burning)

A lot of people roll their eyes when they hear that a given food, drink, or substance can directly help with fat burning. This is understandable because a lot of the time it does tend to be a false claim. However, there’s some truth to it with coffee because of the very substance that leads most people to drink it in the first place: caffeine.

Caffeine is said to be one of the few substances known to help mobilize fats from fatty tissues and thereby increase metabolism. That doesn’t mean that drinking coffee alone leads to weight loss, but higher metabolism can help the body to burn fat instead of muscle for energy under the right conditions.

Lower Risk Of Diabetes

This is a little bit of a mysterious benefit, but one that’s been measured in scientific studies. That is, we’re not entirely sure why coffee consumption can lower risk of diabetes, but we know that it almost certainly does. In fact, studies have shown that contracting type 2 diabetes is more than 10 percent less likely among those who drink more coffee by a cup or more per day than others.

Higher Brain Function

We all know that consuming caffeine can make us feel a little sharper in the short-term. But the effect actually runs a little deeper than that. According to an article on stimulating “brain foods” (and drinks), coffee has been proven in scientific research to boost brain function. That means you don’t just get a general or purely physical energy spike from caffeine.

Rather, you can experience increased alertness and mental focus representing an actual change in brain activity. It doesn’t mean guzzling coffee will turn you into Albert Einstein, but it can certainly make you a little more mentally effective during the day.

Lower Risk Of Parkinson’s

Here again, we’re citing actual scientific studies that indicate the combination of a genetic variation and regular coffee or caffeine consumption can significantly lower the risk of Parkinson’s Disease, which is sometimes considered one of our more baffling diseases. Basically, the manner in which caffeine interacts with dopamine receptors, combined with the genetic variation, can make caffeine a powerful deterrent in certain people.

Vitamin & Fiber Content

On a more basic level that a lot of people who are careful about day-to-day nutrition will relate to, coffee also tends to be relatively high in both vitamin and fiber content (both of which are just about universal positives). Specifically, coffee contains different variations of vitamin B, and a few cups’ worth can account for a significant portion of recommended daily fiber intake.

This article was written and submitted by April Williams, who is an avid coffee lover and one of our regular reader’s who’s also very active over on our Facebook page.

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