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How To Eliminate Coffee Ground Static A Hack By World Barista Champion James Hoffmann

If you find that coffee static is slowing down your morning coffee preparation you’re going to love this neat trick to eliminate static buildup on your coffee grinder. My primary coffee grinder (the [easyazon_link identifier=”B006MLQHRG” locale=”US” tag=”welovecoffeemakers-20″]Baratza Virtuoso[/easyazon_link]) is notorious for static buildup, and the coffee grounds stick like a magnet to anything and everything!

However, my frustration has been solved thanks to 2007 World Barista Champion James Hoffmann. A recent video by James shows an incredibly easy hack to reduce almost all of the static buildup in your coffee grinder using little more than a mere teaspoon and a minuscule amount of water. Watch and be amazed.

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