Keurig Rivo Review (R500 Cappuccino & Latte System)

First off let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of Keurig machines, but I understand that many of you reading this coffee blog are so when I got the chance to give the Keurig Rivo a review I had no choice but to bite my lip and give it a try. If you’re someone who enjoys rich and creamy milk-based coffee drinks you’re going to love the Keurig Rivo R500.

​Let’s be honest, those frothy milk coffees purchased from your local high street coffee shop aren’t cheap, and if you indulge in a tall latte with all the extras, your monthly budget can really take a hit. That’s where the modestly priced Keurig Rivo cappuccino and latte system excels. Priced at under $150 (at the time of writing) the Rivo can churn out espresso based drinks with a simple push of a button, no more queuing in a line or digging deep in your pocket for an overpriced coffee beverage because the Keurig Rivo can do it all, and then some.

keurig rivo review

Keurig Rivo R500 Standout Features

​The Keurig Rivo is a coffee pod brewer and it utilizes small plastic pods that contain the coffee brand of your choice. The coffee pods are quite costly at roughly 90 cents per pod so the costs can quickly add-up especially if you drink a lot of coffee throughout the day, they’re also pretty bad for the environment once discarded in the trash.

​Okay, I’ve had my rant, back to the Keurig Rivo Review.

​As I outlined at the beginning of this review the Keurig Rivo is a complete cappuccino and latte brewing system for the home, the machine is pretty bulky, but in its fairness, it does work fairly well.

​Operating the Rivao is pretty straight forward, you’ll find a handle on the top of the machine which is where you insert your coffee pod. Once your espresso coffee pod is in place, you head over to the control panel and select your desired beverage. Surprisingly, the Keurig Rivo operates with 15-bars of pressure which is the same as a full-sized espresso machine. However, the temperature of the pulled espresso shot is at around 167 -176 °F which is slightly lower than the optimal coffee brewing water temperature for pulling a great shot.

​The Keurig Rivo is almost foolproof, there’s no need for weighing out your coffee, grinding or tamping and even if you have no knowledge of making an espresso, you can quickly knock out a shot of espresso that will even have your local barista unaware it came from a Keurig.

Rivo coffee maker

​Keurig Rivo R500 comes with two brew sizes a 1.4 and a 2.8-ounce shot and when you combine with frothed milk your final coffee beverage is going to be roughly a 6 to 8-ounce drink. These shot sizes are very similar to a single and double espresso shot from a regular full-sized espresso machine.

​On the left of the machine is the water reservoir, this is removable for easy filling and cleaning and can hold up to 60-ounces of water, which should be enough to keep you going for most of the day. The downside is that the water reservoir or the Keurig Rivo has no water filter (unless it’s hidden) so for that reason make sure only to use the best quality water you can, bottled water is perfectly ok, but I would stay clear from water from the faucet.

​For those of you that love frothy coffee you’re going to love the built in milk frother. With the Revo, you don’t have to spend more money on special milk pods or invest in a separate milk frother because the machine can froth your fresh milk with a push of a button. Just choose your favorite fresh milk or any of these milk alternatives and get frothing. But that’s not all, the Keurig Rivo R500 also offers various settings to froth your milk, and you can choose from a classic cappuccino foam, latte froth, and even a cold froth which is perfect for iced coffee beverages.

Keurig Rivo brewing options

A few more notable features of the Keurig Rivo R500 are the adjustable platform that can be used to brew directly into small cups, the built-in pod bin which can hold up to 10 used pods, and the energy-saving auto on/off function that turns the machine off after a period of time.

​Making A Cappuccino And Latte With The Keurig Rivo

​Cappuccino: Insert your preferred coffee pod and brew espresso with the shot espresso setting on the control panel. Fill the milk frother with your fresh milk and fill it to the “min” line, close and place back onto the unit. Once in place, return to the control panel and press the cappuccino froth button. When frothed pour the milk over your espresso shot.

​Latte: Making a latte is just as easy with the Keurig. Insert your coffee pod and select the short espresso option. Remove the milk jug and fill to “max” with fresh milk of your choosing put back in place and then press the latte froth button located on the top of the machine. Once your milk is frothed slowly pour over your espresso shot and enjoy.

Overall Impressions of the Rivo

​As I mentioned at the beginning of this Keurig Rivo review, i’m not a big fan of these single cup pod machines, but for those of you that are, I’m sure you’re going to love this coffee brewer. No matter your coffee brewing skill level you can effortlessly churn out a great tasting cup of coffee that’s on par with many high street coffee shops.

keurig rivo mug of coffee

​Just take a coffee pod, insert into the machine, pour some fresh milk of your choosing into the milk frother jug, press a button or two and in few minutes, your espresso based drink is ready.

​If you enjoy a large cup of coffee, I’ve found that you can brew using the same coffee pod up to three times, not only does this save you money but it also means you can enjoy a large regular cup of coffee without all of the frothy milk. Once the Keurig Rivo has finished its brew cycle simply push the button again and let it complete each cycle until you have a full cup of black coffee.

keurig rivo R500


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