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You’ll feel like you’re back at school in this section of the site, but this time you are learning everything there is to know about coffee!

Can Coffee Get Rid of Your Headache?

Let’s be honest, nothing is going to ruin your day more than a pounding headache. Well that’s not entirely true waking up and finding that my coffee machine is broken is probably at the top of my list for things to ruin the day, but headaches are definitely in the top five for sure. A […]

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Coffee Before Bed Yay or Nay? (These Are The Facts!)

There are many myths surrounding coffee, and I’m sure you’ve heard a few at one point or another, but to be honest almost all are simply not true. Sorry to burst your bubble, but coffee won’t cure your hangover, it isn’t going to stunt your growth, and it’s not going to cause cancer. In fact, […]

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Does Water Quality Affect Coffee Taste? (Best Water For Coffee)

Brewing great tasting coffee is a science. You spend time researching the perfect coffee maker, you buy well-roasted coffee beans, and you’re constantly trying to tweak and improve your coffee brewing techniques; however, there’s a vital element that’s often overlooked by many home brewers and even professional baristas – I’m talking about water quality!​When you […]

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Milk Alternatives for Coffee (6 of the BEST Replacements!)

In recent years there’s been a noticeable increase in the demand for milk alternatives for coffee. This surge has mainly been driven by newly published health concerns regarding cow’s milk, dietary restrictions, as well as some coffee drinkers who are simply looking for other ways to spice up their regular cup of joe. With consumers […]

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Mushroom Coffee: Should You Add Fungus To Your Cup Of Joe?

First came bullet butter filled coffees, then cold brews were the healthiest way to enjoy coffee, and somewhere along the line, a Unicorn made an appearance! But now mushroom coffee is being touted by bearded baristas as the newest trendiest health drink that we should all be drinking.​Sure, I’ve heard of adding butter to coffee, […]

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