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You’ll feel like you’re back at school in this section of the site, but this time you are learning everything there is to know about coffee!

Mushroom Coffee: Should You Add Fungus To Your Cup Of Joe?

First came bullet butter filled coffees, then cold brews were the healthiest way to enjoy coffee, and somewhere along the line, a Unicorn made an appearance! But now mushroom coffee is being touted by bearded baristas as the newest trendiest health drink that we should all be drinking.​Sure, I’ve heard of adding butter to coffee, […]

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12 Ways To Add Extra Flavor To Your Coffee

As great as plain black coffee is sometimes our taste buds need a break from the norm, admit it having the same thing day in day out tends to get boring. An excellent way to spice up your favorite coffee beverage is by adding some extra flavor. Forget about those store brought sweeteners and creamers […]

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Coffee Brewing Ratios Explained

Ahh yes, the golden coffee ratio. The perfect balance between coffee and water for brewing a consistent cup of coffee each and every time. Many coffee brewing beginners tend to struggle with the aspect of brewing ratios, and I often hear that this is one of the biggest barriers faced for those venturing into brewing […]

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