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Krups F203 Coffee Grinder Review

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If you’re looking for a cheap coffee grinder that can keep up with the big boys, continue on reading because I think I’ve found an excellent electric grinder by Krups that can grind beans with the best of them! I’ve had my Krups F203 coffee grinder for a little over three weeks now, and I thought it was time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and write a brief Krups F203 coffee grinder review, sharing my thoughts on this handy and cheap coffee grinder.

Just like the best coffee makers sometimes simple is best and luckily this is where the Krups F203 electric grinder shines, it’s simple, easy to use and you don’t need a university degree to operate it. As long as you can count (more on that later) and press a button you’re ready to go with this Krups grinder.

Krups Coffee Grinder F203 Standout Features

Before I get ahead of myself, I should point out that this is a blade coffee grinder and not a Burr. If you don’t know the difference between the two below is a brief explanation, I highly recommend that you give it a read.

Burr grinders: these are typically more expensive than the Blade type. However you do get a bit more for your money with a Burr coffee grinder, for example, they tend to be a lot quieter and are less prone to burning your coffee grounds as they are ground. Burr coffee grinders work by crushing the coffee beans between a non-moving surface and a grinding wheel.

Blade coffee grinders: these are, as I already mentioned, typically cheaper and as the name suggests they use a blade to slice the coffee into tiny pieces. One of the problems with Blade coffee grinders is that they tend to shred and rip the beans apart which can lead to uneven coffee grounds and ultimately to an inconsistent final brew due to over or under extraction. You can also read more about the different types of grinders along with a great selection of the best coffee grinders currently available.

Now I’m not saying that blade grinders such as the Krups F203 I’m reviewing in this article are bad they’re a great budget option for anyone wanting to quickly grind inexpensive coffee beans and don’t want to splash out the extra cash on the more expensive Burr type. So if you have you mid-set on buying a blade grinder, the Krups F203 is the best blade grinder for the money, in my opinion. You only have to take a quick look at the other Krups coffee grinder F203 reviews to see why this grinder is so popular and the number one best seller at various other online retail stores.

The Krups F203 can be used for much more than grinding coffee. Personally, I’ve not used it for anything else, but the description on the box indicates that it can be used for spices, nuts, grains and even for grinding up flaxseed to add into smoothies.

krups blade grinder top view

Krups F203 has a conventional 200-watt motor which makes light work of any whole coffee beans I’ve thrown in it. Unlike other coffee grinders (which tend to be more expensive) that have various settings to determine the different grinds, the Krups F203 uses a more simplistic approach where the amount of grinding time determines the final coffee grind. For example, a coarse coffee grind would require less grinding time than a fine grind and vice versa. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, make sure to watch the video further down the page.

Krups have even made the pouring of the ground coffee out of the grinder super easy by shaping the bean hopper in an elliptical shape so that the ground coffee can be quickly poured out into your brewing device. A smart safety feature is also incorporated inside of the lid; the F203 grinder won’t start unless the lid is firmly in place and the button pressed. The outside of the Krups coffee grinder has been made from a hard plastic-type material, and the bowl where the grinding blade is seated has been manufactured from stainless steel.

I’ll be honest, cleaning this grinder can be a little tricky, and there’s nothing specific in the instruction manual about cleaning the F203. But after experimentation I have found that if you place a piece of fresh bread into the grinder and grind for a few seconds, the bread will collect any coffee grind debris that might be left in the grinder bowl, leaving it looking like new.

coffee grinder krups lid

Krups F203 Coffee Grinder Instructions

If you want to know how the Krups F203 coffee grinder works, feel free to watch my video below where I show you some of the basic operating features, and I even grind up some coffee beans.

Depending on what type of grind you’re looking to achieve I find that as a rule of thumb counting to 30 seconds while holding down to the button will give you a fine grind, 10 seconds a decent medium grind, and 3 to 5 seconds a coarser grind. At the fine grind (30 seconds) I often pulse the button so that the coffee doesn’t become burnt by the blades and motor heating up inside of the grinder.

ground coffee example produced by the krups

After reading this Krups grinder review and you think that the F203 is what you want you should have no problem finding it at any good-sized electronic store.

Overall Impressions and What’s in the Box?

There are no surprises when opening the box, you get the Krups F203 coffee grinder, an international warranty card, and a manual. There is nothing to set up or to fiddle with, you simply plug it in, and you’re all ready to grind up some coffee beans. Like I said at the beginning of this review sometimes simple is best and the Krups F203 coffee grinder proves that!

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