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Light Roast Coffee Has More Health Benefits Than Dark Roasts

If you're anything like me, then your morning ritual probably involves trying to decide which coffee maker to brew with and roasted beans to use. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food reveals that the type of roasted coffee beans you choose could have a detrimental effect on your health.

​The publication claims that lighter roasted coffee has more beneficial health properties than a darker roast. The research carried out by a team of Korean scientists examined “the nutritional effects of roasting times on beans from Coffea Arabica” and what they unearthed might make some of you swap over to a light roast coffee.

​The scientists carried out their tests using Brazil Ipanema Euro coffee (200g) which was then roasted at four different levels, a light roast coffee, medium, city, and a French roast. The various roasted coffee was then brewed through an espresso machine and analyzed. Part of the research also took a look at whether the different coffee roasts contained more or less caffeine, which remained almost unchanged across the various roasts.

​In their study, the Korean team discovered that light coffee contained more antioxidants and higher concentrations of chlorogenic acid, which aids in protecting against human cell damage as well as inflammation. On the other hand, the darker roasts contained lower amounts of chlorogenic acid compounds and antioxidants, which is their reasoning that dark roast coffee is less beneficial than light roast coffee.

​So it seems that light roasted coffee beans are the healthier option and science agrees (until they have another study to disprove this study) ...who am I to disagree with science?

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