Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist

Move Over, Unicorns! Starbucks has a NEW Coffee Concoction!

Move aside Unicorns, Starbucks has a new coffee creation, meet the Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist!

​This new coffee concoction is made with cold brew Congo coffee that's poured through a nitro tap. The actual coffee is infused with malted fennel black pepper syrup and topped with a honey cold foam, cracked pink peppercorns, and finally, the drink is garnished with a bamboo skewer of “gourmet” REAL beef jerky from grass-fed beef (I kid you not!).

​Once prepared this cold coffee resembles a creamy Irish stout!

​This new out of this world coffee concoction is the brainchild of Raegan Powell, who works in the research and development at Starbucks.

​Powell says:

​“With the first sip, you get a hint of the honey cold foam and the aroma of the pink ground peppercorn,”
​“The real surprise is the salty savoriness of the jerky garnish, an exciting complement to the smooth and sweet finish of the nitro cold brew experience,” she added.

​Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your thoughts on beef jerky and coffee!) die-hard Starbucks drinkers won’t be able to grab this concoction at their local drive-thru window because this coffee drink is a limited edition  and will ONLY be available at the Starbucks’ Seattle Roastery.

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