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You’ll feel like you’re back at school in this section of the site, but this time you are learning everything there is to know about coffee!

Moka Pot vs. French Press (Which Makes the BEST Brew!)

The Moka pot vs. French Press a battle of two popular coffee brewers, which is the BEST? Well, it seems that almost every coffee aficionado has their own forged opinion on which coffee maker brews up the best-tasting coffee and which they prefer. ​However, these two brewing vessels use two entirely different ways to make a […]

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Does Coffee Go Bad? (The FACTS You Should Know!)

Coffee doesn’t go bad in the sense that other perishable foods do, coffee isn’t going to rot or turn into a slimy mess, and in fact, it can still be drunk even after its best before date. ​However, coffee will lose its taste and strength the longer it’s left unconsumed; typically after only a few weeks! […]

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Best Milk Frother For Lattes And Cappuccinos

I’m not a big fan of these fancy coffee drinks that you find being sold in the high street coffee shops (don’t even mention the unicorn frappuccino!) so very rarely will you find me frothing milk at home to create a cappuccino or a latte; I like my coffee black. However, I do understand that […]

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Permanent Coffee Filter vs. Paper

Over the years I have been led to believe that paper coffee filters are the only filters you should be using if you truly appreciate the flavors of coffee. Ask any coffee connoisseur, and they will probably tell you the same. However, recently I am starting to rethink and question the old debate of permanent […]

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