Make A Travel Coffee Kit (Brew Great Coffee Anywhere)

If you’re traveling somewhere new, whether for business or pleasure, the thought of hunting down a new local coffee house or even a roaster is enough to leave you salivating with anticipation of those new tasty coffee brews you’re going to get your hands on.

​However, if you’re going to be on the road for an extended period it makes sense to take with you a travel coffee kit that will fit snugly into your suitcase because god only knows what kind of instant coffee they’ll have waiting for you in your hotel room or at your Airbnb host when you wake up.

​And let’s be honest, even if you do find a good local coffee house while traveling, they’re often overpriced and not always conveniently located at your front door.

​Coffee Travel Kit Essentials

camping moka coffee potThere are actually ready made travel coffee kits already in the marketplace which include everything you’ll need to make a brew on the move.

Stumptown and Blue Bottle have some great looking kits, but with a price tag of up to $200 per kit, they’re a bit pricey in my opinion, especially when you can make your own coffee travel kit for roughly half of that cost.

So grab yourself a coffee and let’s start building your coffee travel bag!

​The must haves in any coffee travel kit is as follows.

Some type of coffee brewer: I prefer packing in my luggage either and AeroPress (along with paper or reusable metal filter) or my stovetop Moka Pot if I’m feeling a bit more adventurous or if I’m off camping.

Coffee beans: Your favorite whole coffee beans.

Coffee grinder: Either a manual coffee grinder (my preferred) or a small electric coffee grinder such as the KRUPS F203.

Travel mug: Preferably a durable metal enamel camping mug able to withstand knocks and bangs on the road or EVEN a good coffee thermos.

Optional: Compact/small travel kettle.

Coffee scale: Again this is optional, but I do prefer to take my digital coffee scale along with me.

Optional: Camp stove/burner.

​So bearing in mind the above, I have put together what I think is the best travel coffee kit that contains all of the essentials for any coffee lover wanting to brew coffee on the go.

​I have taken into account limited bag space as well as the probability of restricted access to water or even electricity. In fact, I have given you two options!

​Option 1: Compact AeroPress Travel Coffee Kit – Just Add Water!

coffee travel kit option 1

This is my go-to coffee kit when I’m hitting the road and have limited space while staying in a hotel room. This coffee travel kit is compact and holds everything needed to make a great tasting cup of coffee no matter what crappy instant they might have waiting for you in your room.

It contains my trusty AeroPress, a reusable Able AeroPress metal filter, a manual Javapresse coffee grinder that fits snugly inside of the AeroPress (pictured right), a bag of whole coffee beans, and my coffee scale.

AreoPress and grinder​Now the coffee scale is entirely optional, and to be honest there’s no reason why you couldn’t weigh your coffee before you leave and bundle it up, or you could even just fill the scoop that comes with the AeroPress with whole coffee beans; which should give you roughly the right amount for one cup of coffee.

​I tend not to take a kettle with me; I find that it’s a bit too much to pack up and to be honest, I’ve never not been able to get hot water from a hotel room. Almost all hotels and motels have some sort of tea kettle in the room. However, if all else fails, you can always get hot water from room service.

​But I understand that some of you do want to boil your own water in a kettle, so if you have room, there’s no reason why you can’t bring it along.

​I also don’t typically bring any sort of cup with me because just like the water I often have no problem getting my hands on one, and if you have a kettle in your room, the chances are that coffee mugs aren’t too far away.

​This essential travel coffee kit is for those of you who don’t want to drink the instant coffee or the weak drip filter coffee offered by either the hotel or by your Airbnb host.

…It doesn’t get much simpler than this!

​Option 2: Travel Coffee Kit For The Adventurer

coffee travel kit option 2

My second coffee travel kit option is more of a camping inspired kit. It contains a bit more than the first option but when you’re camping or out in the wilderness this kit is essential (not just for coffee brewing).

​It contains a Moka Pot, a camping burner, coffee scale (optional), your favorite whole coffee beans, manual Javapresse coffee grinder or similar, and a durable metal enamel camping mug.

​The Moka Pot is ideal for camping and brews a strong espresso style of coffee. It requires no electricity and can be placed on a naked flame, making it the perfect coffee brewer when you are off the grid.

​No special filters are needed, simply grind your coffee, fill up the coffee basket in the Moka Pot, add water to the bottom chamber, screw it all together, place on a naked flame and you’re all set.

​You could of course still bring along your AeroPress and boil your water separately, but when it comes to camping you can’t beat coffee brewed on a naked flame using a Moka Pot – Cowboy style!

coffee while camping

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