About Bean Ground

Bean Ground is a specialty coffee roasting company based in Deansgate, Manchester, UK. We are dedicated to sourcing, roasting, and providing the highest quality coffee beans from around the world.

This site is our online information and learning portal for all things coffee. If you want to buy freshly roasted coffee, contact us or visit our location in Deansgate, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Our Story

Bean Ground was founded by Mark Morphew, who shares a passion for outstanding coffee. After years of searching for the perfect cup in and around Manchester, he decided to start roasting his own beans and sharing them with coffee lovers in Manchester and beyond. The feedback was great, and the first brick-and-mortar location was born in 2022.

We carefully select beans from the best coffee-growing regions globally, establishing partnerships with farmers who grow using responsible methods.

Back home in our Manchester roastery, we use a small-batch roasting process that brings out the intrinsic flavors of each coffee bean. Controlling every step allows us to create an exceptional coffee experience in each cup.

Our Coffee

At Bean Ground, we offer a variety of expertly roasted single-origin and blended coffees to suit all tastes and brewing styles.

Our single-origin beans highlight the unique qualities that each coffee growing region imparts. From floral Ethiopian to chocolatey Brazilian, we have something for everyone.

Our blends expertly combine beans from multiple origins to create complex flavors balanced specifically for daily drinking.

We have signature espresso, milk-friendly, and decaf blends to deliver a smooth cup, time after time.

We freshly roast coffee in small weekly batches to ensure you receive beans at peak flavor and aroma. Our beans are then shipped directly to your door so you can enjoy Bean Ground coffee at home.

Our Passion

Our passion for outstanding coffee is what drives us daily here at Bean Ground. We take pride in every step of the coffee process, from establishing direct trade relationships with growers to monitoring each small batch as it roasts to perfection. We are committed to giving you the best possible cup of specialty coffee.

Contact us today to learn more about our story and coffee offerings.

We look forward to fueling your mornings with an exceptional cup of Bean Ground coffee!

Mark Morphew Bean Ground Coffee
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