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Mark Morphew Coffee expert and Bean ground coffee founder

Bean Ground is a resource for all things coffee.

Founded by industry expert Mark Morphew, we publish coffee education, interview people in the coffee world, and provide easy-to-follow brew guides for complete beginners.

With a vast catalog of articles, we aim to give you the tools necessary to help you learn the skills needed to brew excellent-tasting “coffee shop quality” coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Mark does his best to simplify the information provided at Bean Ground so you can easily follow along at home without needing to pull out a barista pocket reference book to understand the terminology and language used.

Hopefully, the reviews and recommendations found on the website will help you to make better-informed decisions when buying a piece of coffee gear and finding excellent quality coffee.

Mark’s Story

I had a passion for the hospitality industry from an early age!

Mark Morphew’s passion for coffee traces back over 25 years to when he graduated from hospitality college in England. Though his career began as a chef, he soon transitioned to become a barista and cafe manager at popular locations across the UK.

After a decade running hospitality operations for major hotel chains in the Middle East, Mark returned home eager to pass on his substantial coffee knowledge. He launched Bean Ground as an approachable coffee resource so everyone can learn to brew exceptional coffee at home.

Mark has since completed the SCA Coffee Skills Program. He is an active member of the Roasters Guild of Europe and hopes to soon become an Authorized SCA Trainer to provide online coffee education globally.

Mark Morphew at a local coffee plantation in the Philippines

We Opened A “Real Coffee Shop”

At our small brick-and-mortar Bean Ground Coffee location in Deansgate, Manchester, UK, which opened its doors in 2022, we are dedicated to ethically sourcing, expertly roasting, and providing the highest quality coffee beans from top-growing regions around the world. We use a refined small-batch roasting process to highlight the inherent flavors of each origin and blend.

Some of our offerings include floral Ethiopian and chocolatey Brazilian single-origin coffees to suit all palates. We also craft complex signature blends specifically balanced for espresso, milk drinks, and decaf coffee.

We freshly roast weekly and ship directly to you so the beans arrive at peak aroma and flavor.

Keep an eye out for more information on our new coffee shop as we continue to grow the business and possibly expand to new locations.

Our Mission

Bean Ground aims to equip all coffee lovers with the skills to brew exceptional coffee at home. We cut through confusing coffee terminology and provide accessible, expert advice sans “fluff.”

Mark Morphew (Q Arabica Grader)

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned barista, we believe everyone deserves a great cup of coffee. We hope our coffee and education give you the tools to get there.

Contact us to learn more or order freshly roasted coffee beans shipped directly to your door.

Let’s fuel your mornings with an outstanding cup of Bean Ground Coffee!

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