Welcome fellow coffee lovers I’m mark and you’ve arrived at my coffee blog Bean Ground.

A brief introduction 

My love for coffee goes back nearly 20 years when I left catering college and started my first full-time job as a commis chef and later moving into hotel bar management.

To be honest, before that I never had any interest in coffee but that soon changed when the grueling long hours in the kitchen started to take their toll and I struggled to keep my eyes open. I befriended one of the waiters and soon I was getting regular cups of coffee which was just what I needed to finish my shift.

I’d make sure they were well fed and in return, I would get as much coffee as I could stomach, it was a win-win for everybody.


….my love and thirst for coffee was born

Jump ahead to the present day and I’m an avid home-brewing enthusiast who loves trying different types of coffee, testing the latest coffee gear, and experimenting with various coffee brewing methods.

From seed to tree, hands to machines, green to roasted, and finally shop to the consumer – I’m interested in it all.

Armed with the knowledge I’ve picked up from over 20 years in the hotel food and beverage industry, I now enjoy nothing more than sharing this information with other like-minded individuals.

Follow me on my journey and discovery of my love for coffee.


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