Bean Ground


Bean Ground is a popular coffee blog that’s managed and maintained by Mark Morphew. Bean Ground aims to provide informational resources and step by step guides so even the novice home coffee brewer can learn the necessary skills needed to churn out excellent coffee shop quality coffee – in the comfort of their own home.

Mark does his best to simplify the information provided at Bean Ground so you can easily follow along at home without needing to pull out a barista pocket reference book to understand the terminology and language used. The reviews and recommendations also help you to make better-informed decisions about buying coffee gear and finding amazing quality coffee.

Mark’s Story

Mark’s love for coffee can be traced back over 20 years when he graduated from hospitality and catering college in Northern England. After landing his first full-time job as a commis chef in a busy hotel, he befriended one of the waiters who after some pestering supplied Mark with strong back coffee to help get him through the long shifts. In return, Mark would make sure the waiter was well fed when the staff dinners were handed out.

Fast forward a few years, and Mark’s thirst for coffee overtook his love for cooking, and he found himself slowing moving into the “front of house” rather than the ‘back of house” kitchen environment. After switching up his carrier, Mark found himself dumping his chef whites in favor of a barista apron. He soon began working in a few popular cafes and restaurants in both the United Kingdom and the Middle East – and so the journey began.

Fast forward a decade or so. Today, Mark is a stay at home Dad who loves nothing more than to write about all things coffee and help to educate others on how to brew great-tasting coffee at home – minus the “fluff” and confusion of course.

Bean Ground’s Values

  • Black coffee rules! Sure, milk-based coffee beverages have their place in the world of coffee, but here at Bean Ground black coffee is what I drink 99% of the time (the blacker, the better). Black coffee is the only way to appreciate a particular region; its characterizing tastes, aromas, and history – by adding milk, you hide and lose all of that.
  • Decaf coffee is for wimps! I don’t touch decaf coffee. If you’re drinking coffee, you need to “go all-in.” Plus, the process to extract and remove caffeine from coffee isn’t the healthiest for both you and the environment.
  • ​Got no time for instant coffee! Instant coffee is like instant noodles in the food world – garbage! Brewing coffee isn’t about how quickly you can get it down your throat, nor is it about the caffeine kick. The complete process from seed to tree, hands to machines, green to roasted, and finally shop to the consumer is a ritual I cherish and a hobby that gives me real satisfaction.
  • Coffee and the environment go hand in hand. We should all be doing our bit for the environment, and in the coffee world, this begins with reducing the waste that comes with brewing a simple cup of coffee. Wasteful methods of coffee brewing such as pod machines and K-cups are NOT something you will see me recommend highly here at Bean Ground.
  • Don’t forget about the farmers! If it weren’t for the farmers at the far end of the line who get paid a pittance for their labor-intensive work you wouldn’t be sat here now enjoying that cup of great-tasting coffee. Where possible, I try to pay recognition where appropriate, to the entire coffee chain, and in particular, the farmers and direct plantation workers.