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Retro Coffee Makers To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

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It seems like every coffee maker is either black or white or dull gray brushed stainless steel. Sure these plain colors suit almost every kitchen decor, but sometimes you want to bring in a bit of color into your kitchen. This is why retro coffee makers are becoming increasingly sought after by modern-day coffee drinkers looking for a colorful vintage-style coffee brewer to spice up their kitchen counter-top.

All of the vintage-looking coffee makers have been designed to look like real retro machines, and they also come in a range of colors from the good ole days, such as sky blue, cherry red, and vibrant yellows and greens. With the retro coffee maker, you have a look and feel of the past but benefit from modern-day electronics and more durable materials.

Must-Have Vintage Looking Coffee Makers

If a retro-looking coffee brewer sounds like something you’re looking for, keep on reading because below, I have handpicked some of the best retro coffee makers I could find.

DeLonghi Kmix Retro Drip Coffee Maker

DeLonghi Retro Coffee Maker

This awesome-looking retro coffee maker from DeLonghi is not only stylish but super easy to use. Sure it might not have all of the bells-and-whistles found on other automatic drip brewers, but what it lacks in features, it makes up for in ease of use.

The modest-sized carafe can hold enough coffee for up to 5 cups (although a 10-cup model is available), and with a simple flick of a switch, the DeLonghi Kmix springs into life. There are no unnecessary timers, buzzers, or alarms, it does one thing, and it does that well… it brews coffee.

The Kmix Retro comes in 8 colorful flavors from Green, Magenta, Yellow, Red, and White.


  • Durable die-cast aluminum exterior.
  • The machine allows you to preheat your cups.
  • 5-cup capacity retro coffee maker.


  • Coffee drips onto the hot plate when the carafe is removed.


Espressione Café Retro Espresso Machine

Espressione Café Espresso Machine

Rather have an espresso machine instead, no problem. The Espressione Café Retro Espresso Machine has that vintage look, but under its solid steel body, it harbors modern-day electronics and can produce 18-bars of pressure for that perfect espresso shot.

I have only been able to find the Espressione is red, but I’m sure other colors are available if you have a good hunt around. The hard-wearing steel body has been thermo-painted, ensuring that the paint will withstand everyday knocks and dings. Like other espresso machines, the Espressione comes with a large boiler, temperature gauge, and a milk frother for your lattes or cappuccinos.


  • Durable: Solid-steel body with thermo-painted metal finish.
  • Features a quick-recovery 24-ounce boiler.
  • 1050-watt espresso machine with 18-bar pump.


  • The water reservoir is small and requires frequent refilling.
  • Free tamper is very flimsy.


BELLA Dots Collection Programmable Coffee Maker

BELLA Dots Coffee Maker

This automatic drip brewer is part of the BELLA Dot Collection; these are retro-inspired coffee makers that come in various colors, including Teal, Pink, Red, Orange, Green, and Purple. The BELLA is packed full of modern-day features such as brew-strength options, a countdown timer, the ability to pre-set up to 24 hours in advance, a pause and serve function, and an auto shut-off feature, to name just a few.

Operating the BELLA is super easy, and all of the functions can be set via the bright blue LCD located on the face of the brewer.


  • Features a 2-hour warming function.
  • Automatic shutoff and pause and serve function.
  • The coffee maker is easy to clean.


  • The design makes it a little hard to pour the water in the top.


Bialetti Retro Coffee Pot

Bialetti Retro Coffee Pot

Electronic coffee makers not your thing? How about a retro stovetop coffee pot. The Bialetti Moka pot brews espresso like coffee in a matter of minutes on your stovetop. There is no need to invest in an expensive espresso machine because the Bialetti brews a convincing espresso shot. In fact, go and ask any Italian grandmother, and she’ll tell you the same!

With this stovetop Moka Pot, you can brew up to 6 cups, but there are available 1, 3, 9, and 12 cup versions. The main body of the Bialetti has been crafted from thick cast aluminum and with a range of colors from Purple, Red, Orange, and Blue; there should be a color for you.


  • Performs best on a gas stove.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose your brewing capacity.
  • Classic octagonal design and Italian-made.


  • Takes a bit of “babysitting” whilst brewing coffee.


Nostalgia Retro Electric 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Nostalgia Retro coffee Maker

Another modern-day vintage-inspired coffee maker is the Nostalgia Electric 12-cup automatic drip brewer. The simplistic approach makes brewing a full carafe of coffee super easy. Just fill the permanent mesh coffee basket with your favorite ground coffee, add your water to the boiler, press a button, and you’re all set. If you can’t wait for the full brew cycle to finish, you can even use the pause-and-serve function to quickly grab a cup of coffee while the Nostalgia is still brewing.

Between its distinctive retro style combined with the convenience of the modern features, the Nostalgia 50s style coffee maker will be the centerpiece of your kitchen.


  • A completely programmable timer allows you to schedule your brewing.
  • Boil dry protection – auto-shutoff.
  • Large 12-cup brewing capacity.


  • There is no window to see water level.


MaxiMatic 3-in-1 Toaster Oven/Griddle/Coffee Maker

MaxiMatic 3-in-1 Toaster Oven

The last retro find on my list is the MaxiMatic 3-in-1. Not only does the MaxiMatic look the part, but it can also brew coffee and make your breakfast simultaneously. Now I understand that this might be for everyone but for college students or those living in tiny homes, this is a great find.

The coffee part of the unit is easy to use. Simply swing out the plastic filter compartment, fill the reusable mesh filter with coffee, add your water, and start. The MaxiMatic 3-in-1 comes in a range of colors, and you can choose from Blue, Red, White, and (not so retro) Black.


  • Prepare your coffee, toast and eggs at one time.
  • 4-cup brewing capacity.


  • No instructions included.


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