Best Filters For AeroPress (Paper, Metal, Cloth, & Pressurized)

Best Filters For AeroPress

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I’m sure we can all agree that the AeroPress offers near perfection when it comes to brewing great tasting coffee at home and on the road. But what if we said you could make your coffee even better? Have we got your attention?

We all have different coffee preferences; some prefer a more fuller-bodied cup, others yearn for bitter coffee, and some enjoy a slightly more acidic brew.

The problem is that the AeroPress, out of the box with the paper filter, offers no easy way to adjust your brewed coffee to your liking.

However, that’s all about to change. By shopping around and investing in aftermarket AeroPress filters, you can elevate your box-standard AeroPress coffee maker, and you will be able to tweak and adjust your brew with ease.

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In this article, we have filtered out the best filters for the AeroPress we could find. The task was rather challenging with the vast amount of filters in the marketplace. But as far as we are concerned, these are the best of the bunch.

The Different AeroPress Coffee Filter Types

Aftermarket AeroPress filters come in three main types: paper, metal, cloth, and pressurized.

Depending on your taste preference and the amount of clean-up you’re willing to do, each filter will have its pros and cons.

Let’s take a closer look.

Paper: The paper filter you will already be familiar with as they come supplied with the AeroPress.

They work well and filter out sediment as well as coffee oils – your final brew will be crisp, clear, and with less acidity and body compared to some of the other filters. Once you’re done just shoot the coffee grounds into the compost.

Metal: A reusable metal AeroPress filter is almost the exact opposite of the paper variety.

You can expect a slightly more “muddied” cup and a noticeable amount of coffee oils making their way through the filter. Switching to a metal filter will brew a coffee that’s more in tune with a French Press style of coffee.

Cloth: Cloth filters are in the middle ground between paper and metal filters.

Compared to metal filters, the cloth type does a better job of filtering your coffee but will allow more oils to flow through into your cup. If you prefer a cleaner coffee cup but still want a fuller-bodied cup, the cloth filter will be a great choice.

Pressurized: A new type of AeroPress filter gaining popularity is the pressurized variety.

This new filter enables you to turn your standard AeroPress into something that can brew coffee that is more in line with a traditional espresso.

The best filter for AeroPress in this category typically comes with a reusable metal filter, a replacement screw cap, and some sort of valve system where the pressurized coffee is forced through.

5 Best AeroPress Coffee Filters

Below we have handpicked five of the best filters for the AeroPress that we think deserve your attention. Depending on your preferred coffee preference, there is a filter below fitting for your needs.

Original AeroPress Paper Filters


There’s nothing wrong with the regular paper filters supplied with the AeroPress; they do an excellent job. They typically come in packs of 350 pieces and are readily available at Amazon and other retail stores.

We get it. You want to stick with something you’re familiar with. But why don’t you step out of your comfort zone and experiment with one of the other AeroPress filter recommendations? You might be surprised by the results they produce.

If you are happy with these, then stick with them, but if you would prefer an unbleached version take a look further down our list at the 2POUR Vegan Non-Bleached Natural Filters.

Able Disk (Fine & Standard Set)


If you want to experiment with metal AeroPress filters, the Able brewing Disks are some of the best you will find; they are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to aftermarket AeroPress filters.

The build quality of their filter range is superb, and each filter is designed for the AeroPress and crafted from a single piece of stainless steel.

Unlike some of the other options in the marketplace that opt for a less durable mesh type of filter which eventually warps or breaks free. The Able range is far more durable in comparison, and each filter disk is produced from a single piece of steel that has been “photo-etched.”

This design makes the filter smooth with no visible burrs and a shallow profile design that’s almost paper-thin.

The company produces two popular filters for the AeroPress – the original standard filter and a fine filter.

The standard option is slightly thicker with larger holes, whereas the fine filter is about 2/3rds thinner with noticeably smaller holes.

Both filters are excellent and produce delicious coffee with slightly different results. If you can’t decide which to buy, this pack contains both filter disks – happy brewing!

Want a more in-depth look at the Able filters? Make sure you read our complete review.

Fellow Prismo Attachment For AeroPress


Enjoy a more espresso-style coffee? The AeroPress can just about do that with the Fellow Prismo attachment and filter.

What sets the Fellow Prismo apart from all the other AeroPress filters on this list is the one-way pressure-actuated valve that increases the plunging pressure.

What’s neat is that the pressure valve stays sealed until you press the plunger down, which allows you to steep the coffee for longer than you would be able to usually – with the added advantage of the coffee not dripping through the AeroPress filter cap until you’re ready.

The valve combined with the reusable metal filter helps create a more espresso-like flavor profile that you would otherwise not be able to achieve with the standard AeroPress setup.

We’ll be honest. The Prismo attachment can’t overcome physics to make authentic espresso, but it’s a fun and clever way to get a little closer – and if you’re lucky, you can produce a realistic crema!

Curious and want to know a little more? Take a look at our complete review.

CoffeeSock: Cotton Cloth AeroPress Filter Disk


If coffee sediment left in the bottom of your cup is not something you enjoy, the AeroPress CoffeeSock might be the filter for you.

The cloth filter produces a richer, fuller-bodied cup of coffee with no fine sediment making its way into your cup, which the metal filters often let through.

Unlike the paper filter, the cloth coffee filter for the AeroPress allows for more oils to pass through. Coffee oils are flavorful, and when they are unfiltered and make it to your cup, you will notice an immediate difference in the taste of your coffee. Yum!

It’s also worth mentioning that the CoffeeSock is reusable; just wash thoroughly, allow it to dry, and you’re all set.

This is the best reusable AeroPress filter for those looking for the most environmentally-friendly product.

2POUR Vegan Non-Bleached Natural Filters


If you prefer to stick with your paper filters but want a more environmentally friendly option, look no further than the 2POUR vegan non-bleached natural filters.

The paper filters are the perfect replacement for the regular white AeroPress filters, and they are completely chlorine-free and biodegradable!

We noticed that the coffee drains through this filter slightly faster than the regular bleached white filters. But with that said, we didn’t notice any difference in the taste of our coffee, and there wasn’t any leftover residue in the bottom of our cup.

The texture of the paper used to manufacture these filters is very similar to crepe paper, they are thick and rigid, and you can actually wash with water and reuse them any number of times.


? Are Coffee Oils Bad?

Coffee contains thousands of chemical compounds, which are mostly trapped by a paper filter. Metal AeroPress filters and even cloth types will allow more oils and other compounds to flow into your cup.

The oils locked inside coffee actually provide additional flavor to your final brew and are safe in moderate amounts for most people.

However, some studies have suggested that oils found in coffee can cause a moderate increase in cholesterol. But, there have been no links that suggest that coffee consumption increases the risk of heart disease.

? Does AeroPress Come With Filters?

Yes absolutely. The AeroPress comes with a starter pack of 350 standard paper microfilters so you can start brewing great tasting coffee as soon as it arrives.

? What Are AeroPress Filters Made Of?

The standard filters are made from bleached paper. They are just the same as regular coffee filters but sized to fit perfectly inside the AeroPress.

Aside from the regular paper filters, you can purchase aftermarket replacements with many of the best filters for AeroPress manufactured from stainless steel and are reusable.

? Does AeroPress Need Filters?

Yes, the AeroPress requires filters to function correctly. Without a filter, there would be nothing stopping the ground coffee from ending up in your cup.

The filter also helps to produce some resistance and pressure as you slowly push down on the plunger.

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