Best AeroPress Accessories: Push Your Coffee To The Next Level

Best AeroPress Accessories

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I’m not going to lecture you on the pros and cons of the AeroPress; if I had to guess, you already own one.

Maybe you’re getting bored with the regular AeroPress routine, and you are on the hunt for AeroPress accessories that will elevate your pocket-sized coffee maker and take it to the next level. I hear you!

You’re not alone. Almost everybody wants to invest in various attachments and addons for their AeroPress. For some, they want a neat storage organizer. For others, they want to play around with different filters.

The more adventurous are hunting for specific coffee grinders to nail that perfect grind or attachments that turn the AeroPress into something completely different.

Whatever category you fall into, we’ve got you covered. We have gone out and done the legwork for you and handpicked seven AeroPress accessories that will take your standard stock press and elevate it into something new.

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Do You Actually Need Accessories For The AeroPress?

No, they are not a must-have, but they are nice to have. The AeroPress works perfectly adequately out of the box, and you have everything you need to start brewing awesome-tasting coffee.

But if you want to get the most out of your AeroPress, certain accessories and attachments will bring new life to your coffee brewing ritual, and once you’ve used them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

7 Recommended AeroPress Accessories

Bean Ground’s recommended best AeroPress accessories – we are super confident any AeroPress fanatic will love these.

Able DISK (Standard) For AeroPress


For my home AeroPress setup, the Able Disk coffee filter was one of the first accessories I purchased.

If you enjoy a stronger, more robust flavored coffee, ditch those paper filters and get yourself a reusable metal filter.

By just switching out the AeroPress filter, you will discover a completely different style of coffee that is more on par with the French Press.

Your cup of coffee will transform, and from the first sip, you will notice a more intense aroma and a much “fuller” bodied cup due to all of the oils allowed to pass through the filter, which would otherwise be caught in the regular paper filter.

The body and mouthfeel of the coffee are what this filter is all about.

The Able Disk metal filter allows you to get the absolute most coffee flavor out of your AeroPress and takes up zero counter space – it’s a must-have accessory for any AeroPress user.

You can learn more about the Able Disk by reading our complete review.

2POUR The Dual Press Accessory


How many times have you had friends over, and you have to set up the AeroPress and repeat the brewing process for each person?

Good news. That’s no longer a problem with the 2Pour Dual Press Accessory, which allows you to make two delicious cups of coffee at a time effortlessly. One AeroPress will brew two cups of coffee.

It’s straightforward to use, and nothing changes regarding your regular AeroPress routine. You might want to double your ground coffee and add more water than you would usually, but this is up to you.

When you are ready to plunge down on the AeroPress first place into the 2Pour like you would with a regular cup. Under each spout, place a cup and slowly press the plunger on your AeroPress.

The 2Pour system will separate your coffee and fill two cups of 8oz coffee from just one single batch.

It’s pretty neat – we like it.

If you have friends over for coffee or your household uses the AeroPress, this accessory could come in super handy.

The 2Pour is easy to keep clean, and its small compact shape also means that storing alongside your AeroPress on the countertop shouldn’t be a problem.

HEXNUB AeroPress Organizer


The AeroPress is in its element when used on the go or anytime when you’re away from home.

But if you’re like me, I find myself reaching for the AeroPress more than any other coffee maker when I’m in the house; it’s just fast and convenient.

One of the drawbacks to the AeroPress is finding a suitable place to store it when not in use. It’s a little too big to keep in a drawer, and it shouldn’t really live on the kitchen sink drain rack.

The Hexnub Organizer saves the day.

This nifty AeroPress organizer has a place for everything – your Aeropress, the coffee scoop, plunger, main chamber, filter cap, stirring paddle, and the funnel.

There is even enough room for some of your favorite AeroPress accessories like the Fellow Prismo.

This is a must-have for any coffee lover that owns an Aerobie AeroPress.

Fellow Prismo Attachment For AeroPress


We already know that the AeroPress can brew some great-tasting coffee. But what if I told you that it could be better. Seriously, hear me out.

If you have ever wished that the AeroPress could make a more textbook espresso, your wish has come true thanks to the Fellow Prismo Attachment that turns your AeroPress into an “espresso maker”.

This simple replacement screw filter cap will transform your box-standard AeroPress into a coffee maker that can make coffee shop quality espresso – with crema!

The Fellow Prismo AeroPress attachment creates more pressure than the regular AeroPress delivers, and with the intelligent pressure-actuated valve, you will get an impressive shot of rich espresso, all with your AeroPress.

Part of the Fellow Prismo kit includes a reusable metal AeroPress filter which can be washed after each use. So you’ll save a few bucks by not buying throwaway paper filters.

You can learn more about the Fellow Prismo Attachment by reading our complete review.

JavaJug2 With JavaJacket


If you often find yourself hitting the road with your AeroPress, finding a suitable cup to take with you can be a challenge. However, I think I have found the ultimate travel buddy for the AeroPress – the JavaJug2.

The JavaJug2 is a durable stainless steel jug that can be used in a couple of different ways. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much, but don’t let its simple looks fool you.

The main selling point of the JavaJug2 is that it can be used to press your AeroPress coffee into directly – you can then either share with friends or drink yourself. The included warmer jacket that wraps around the JavaJug2 helps keep your coffee piping hot.

But that’s not all. The JavaJug2 also doubles up as a place to store your AeroPress when not in use. Everything fits neatly and snugly inside the JavaJug2 compartment.

Part mug, part carafe, part storage, and travel accessory, the JavaJug2 with its added warmer jacket is a must-have, especially for those who regularly go traveling with their AeroPress.

Puck Puck Cold Brew Attachment


Did you know you can make some delicious tasting cold drip coffee using the Aeropress? Seriously you can. Take a look at our simple guide here, where we walk you through the setup using a few basic items.

But if you don’t want to spend your Sunday afternoon fiddling with your AeroPress to produce cold brew coffee, you need to get yourself the Puck Puck attachment.

The Puck Puck takes away all the guesswork and turns the AeroPress into a cold drip coffee brewer.

Simply place the Puck Puck on top of your AeroPress coffee maker, and add ice-cold water or even ice cubes.

The Puck Puck AeroPress attachment takes care of the rest and produces a slow drip, just like those expensive cold drip coffee towers. The resulting coffee is rich, flavourful, and perfect for hot sunny afternoons.

1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder


One accessory for the AeroPress often gets overlooked – the coffee grinder. Sure, you can use any burr grinder in tandem with the Aeropress. But we strongly recommend investing in a small compact grinder that fits inside the AeroPress, especially if you brew coffee while traveling.

Such a grinder is the 1Zpresso Q2 Manual; it ticks all of the right boxes for a competent coffee grinder with the added advantage of fitting snugly inside the AeroPress, making it perfect for those searching for a travel companion.

The 1Zpresso Q2 manual coffee grinder is made from stainless steel and features a burr grinding mechanism, and it’s also static-free and ultra-lightweight.

It has a 20-gram coffee bean capacity and has a full range of grind settings for almost any coffee brewing style. So you can use the grinder for more than just AeroPress coffee brewing.

If you’re looking for a durable, well-crafted pocket-sized manual grinder that is great for travel but also suitable for daily use, the 1Zpresso Q2 is an excellent choice.

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