Best Pour Over Stands For Drip Coffee

Best Pour Over Stands

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So you want to elevate (literally) your pour over coffee technique, well, the stand definitely makes a statement. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the entire brewing process from start to finish which would typically be hidden inside your coffee mug or decanter.

If you’ve been placing your Hario V60 on top of your coffee mug, maybe it’s time to upgrade your setup and treat yourself to a pour-over stand.

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I’ve handpicked a few of my favorites, from classic wood pour-over coffee stands to modern, sleek, and sophisticated aluminum drip coffee stands. I’m confident there’s something for everyone on the list.

Does A Pour Over Stand Affect The Brew Quality?

Pour over stands come in many shapes and sizes, and although they look visually pleasing, they don’t really add much to the flavor of your coffee or improve the brewing process at all.

Some say that raising the height of the coffee and allowing it to fall from a height will help you to aerate the coffee, but that’s a load of nonsense.

The sole purpose of using a pour-over stand is to give the wow factor; it looks pretty neat, that’s it.

In fact, using a pour-over stand can even be detrimental to your brewing setup because most stands won’t fit onto a regular coffee scale. So unless you’re really good at eyeballing your ratios, you will have to pre-weigh your water before you start.

coffee pour over stand

The good news is most of the coffee dripper stands I’ve listed below will fit perfectly on most good coffee scales. So there is no additional pre-weighing needed.

6 Best Picks For Pour Over Coffee Stands

So you’ve got your heart set on buying a coffee pour over stand?

I have picked out some great options below and even a few complete pour-over coffee sets with a stand included.

Hario V60 Olive Wood Pour Over Stand Set

Hario V60 Olive Wood Pour Over Stand Set


My first recommendation is manufactured in Japan by the renowned coffee company Hario.

The stand is about 10 inches tall and has been crafted from durable olive wood that’s been perfectly designed to work hand in hand with the classic Hario V60 pour-over coffee maker.

It comes as a standalone pour-over stand, or if you prefer, you can purchase the complete set that includes a premium Hario glass carafe and glass coffee dripper.

If you decide to go with the set, the carafe holds enough for up to 4 cups of coffee, and the V60 dripper cone is sized at a number 02. Which is a popular mid-sized dripper that Hario produces, so finding paper filters should not be a problem.

This pour-over coffee stand wood set is perfect for beginners who are just getting into manual coffee brewing, and it gives you a complete Hario V60 setup!

What We Love

  • Complete set: carafe, V60 dripper, coffee scoop, and 02 paper filters.
  • Fits perfectly on most coffee scales.
  • The coffee server comes with a rubber-sealed lid to keep your coffee hot.

Take Note

  • The Borosilicate glass carafe is thin; although it feels durable, swapping it out for a thicker one might be a good move.

Metal Dripper Stand Pour Over Set

Metal Dripper Stand Pour Over Set


This is another pour-over set and stand to make the list. Everything you need is included in the setup you get: a V-shaped glass coffee dripper cone, an elegant spiral metal drip stand, a durable glass carafe server, and a free pack of 40 paper coffee filters.

The metal pour over stand feels durable and seems like it can hold a considerable amount of weight, so a full coffee dripper shouldn’t be an issue. On a side note, the metal material actually reminds me of the same material used in a wine bottle holder I have sitting on my kitchen countertop.

Taking a closer look at the V-shaped coffee dripper cone. It looks almost identical to the classic Hario V60 but has a slightly different spiral ribbed interior design.

From my testing, there isn’t any noticeable difference with the brew speed using this cone instead of the V60. So if you don’t already own a V60, the cone included in this set is perfectly capable of brewing some great-tasting coffee.

What We Love

  • Compact size takes up hardly any space.
  • The holder at the top of the stand can also hold other types of drip cones.
  • Swap out the glass carafe and brew directly into your coffee cup.

Take Note

  • The dripper sits high in the stand and can cause splashing as the coffee drips through.

Ankong Pour Over Stand Coffee Station

Ankong Pour Over Stand Coffee Station


Do you already have a coffee dripper and a glass server and just need a good quality pour over stand to complete your brewing setup? I think I might have found exactly what you need.

This adjustable pour over stand looks fantastic with a solid wooden plinth and brass fittings. And what makes this stand out from others is that it can be adjusted to fit any coffee mug or server, even a travel mug!

The arm has been crafted from aluminum alloy, and a powdered coated top coat gives it a gold brass finish. On the back side, there is a simple screw nut that, when turned counterclockwise, lets you loosen the arm and adjust it to your preference.

The ring holder accommodates almost all coffee drippers, so any cone-shaped dripper, such as the V60 or similar, will fit.

For the price, this elegant coffee dripper stand is well made and looks great.

What We Love

  • The height of the dripper is adjustable.
  • The stand comes completely apart for easy storage or when you travel.
  • It can be used with large and small carafes, coffee mugs, or even travel tumblers.

Take Note

  • Special care is needed when cleaning the wooden base (use mineral oil or beeswax to seal).

Yama Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker

Yama Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker


Yama makes some excellent coffee brewing gear; one of my favorites is their cold drip coffee tower which is a statement piece, to say the least. This glass pour-over coffee set does not disappoint; the sleek lines and modern material scream premium.

The setup of this pour-over coffee brewer is slightly different from the “normal” way of doing things. For starters, the cone is made from stainless steel and features a double mesh design – no need for paper filters.

On the base of the drip cone is a tap to turn off to prevent any unwanted drips, or it can be used to allow for full immersion brewing.

You decide how long you want the coffee to be steeped and then twist the tap to let the coffee flow through, or you can also adjust the drip rate.

It’s a neat feature that I haven’t seen before on pour-over drippers; only on cold drip coffee brewers have I seen something similar.

What We Love

  • A reusable metal coffee filter delivers a more robust, flavorful coffee.
  • Using the installed valve, you can pause your brew or control the drip speed.
  • It can be used for hot or cold coffee brewing.

Take Note

  • The double mesh filter can be challenging to clean properly.

Sotech Pour Over Coffee Stand

Sotech Pour Over Coffee Stand


Small, compact, and portable best describe the Sotech pour over coffee stand set. Like the other sets I’ve listed, this is a complete kit with everything you need to get brew pour over coffee.

The stand itself is made from a combination of a thick wooden base, which is noticeably heavy, and a gray metal filter holder. The holding ring can accommodate most coffee drippers but best suits those with a large base or wooden adapter for better stability.

The glass coffee drip cone is in the class V shape and is made from thick glass. Like other cones, it features a contoured pattern on the inner edge.

This particular design does increase the flow of the coffee, so a slight adjustment with your coffee grind might be required to allow you to slow it down just a bit.

Cute design and very functional, its size mean you can take it almost anywhere.

What We Love

  • Small compact design takes up a small amount of space.
  • The holder will fit most V-shaped pour over coffee drippers.
  • The glass carafe is one of the thickest I’ve come across.

Take Note

  • The glass coffee dripper flows faster than the Hario V60.

Fortune Candy Aluminum Pour Over Drip Coffee Stand

Fortune Candy Aluminum Pour Over Drip Coffee Stand


The last pour-over coffee brewing stand to make my list of recommendations is this aluminum manufactured by Fortune Candy.

Given the strange company name, they actually produce a lot of different types of kitchen equipment, from ice buckets to milk frothers, kitchen knives, and more.

It’s a combination of durable no-flexing aluminum alloy and non-slip rubber and stands tall at 7 inches in height and 6 inches wide; the base is the perfect size to fit on most of the best coffee scales.

The stand also comes with a free coffee dripper cone that does a reasonably decent job, but I would ditch it in favor of a V60.

If you’re on the hunt for a modern looking, pour over stand to go with your kitchen decor, look no further.

What We Love

  • Very simple design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
  • Easy to clean, rubber components can be removed.
  • Free coffee dripper cone is included.

Take Note

  • The top of the stand has a slight angle which can affect the flow rate of your coffee.

How To Choose A Pour Over Stand?

You would think that something as simple as a stand for your coffee dripper would be foolproof; after all, there’s not much to it.

But think again, even something as simple as a coffee stand can be inadequate, especially if it’s been designed and manufactured by a company that’s not actively involved in the world of coffee.

If none of the pour over stands I’ve listed above tickle your fancy and you want to try and find one yourself, keep in mind the below points, they may save you a headache and frustration later on.

Does It Fit On A Scale?

I’ve lost count of how many pour-over coffee brewing stands I’ve used that don’t fit on a scale.

It just shows that the manufacturer hasn’t tested the stand in the real world. Sure, it looks great on paper, but if a barista can’t use it, then it’s destined for the trash.

Just make sure to measure the size of the base to see if it will fit comfortably on your coffee scale at home.

Can The Height Of The Stand Be Adjusted?

Most pour over stands won’t have this feature, but if you brew directly into different containers like a large glass carafe, directly inside a coffee mug, or even in an insulated travel thermos cup, a stand with an adjustable height might be helpful.

Does It Come With A Carafe?

Do you already have a pour-over coffee dripper, but maybe you’re missing a glass carafe? It’s possible to find complete pour-over coffee maker sets that include everything and a stand; I’ve even listed some great options above.

If it does come with a carafe, just make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the number of coffee drinkers in the home.

If you’re brewing just for one, you shouldn’t have any problems, but if you’re brewing coffee for more than one, you’ll want to ensure the carafe has a large enough capacity.

How’s The Build Quality?

And finally, don’t overlook the quality of the materials; a considerable amount of weight is sitting on top of the stand once you start pouring over your water.

Also, if you decide to buy a pour-over coffee stand made from wood, try to choose bamboo rather than regular wood. The stand will become wet or damp either through spillage or washing, and bamboo won’t warp or bloat when it becomes wet.

If you do have a wood stand treat it with mineral oil, it will help repel the water – just something to keep in mind.

pour over coffee stand wood


So there you have it folks. Pour over stands look really neat, but they’re more of a visual item than a practical one. Sure, they hold up your coffee dripper and let you brew into any cup that fits under the stand… but that’s really about it.

Any coffee enthusiast who brews coffee regularly using a Hario V60 or similar will probably find that a pour over drip stand will make a great addition to their brew setup.

Is it going to change the taste of your coffee? No. But when it comes to aesthetics and wowing friends and family nothing else beats it.


? Are Stands Necessary When Using A V60 Dripper?

No, stands aren’t required for brewing coffee using a V60 dripper. A pour-over drip stand is just for decorative purposes and doesn’t add anything extra to your brewing process or the taste of the coffee.

? Can You Make A DIY Pour Over Coffee Stand?

Most certainly. It’s possible to make a DIY pour over coffee stand, and many coffee enthusiasts do just that. Wood is one of the more popular materials used in building a DIY pour over dripper stand.

? Can You Buy A Pour Over Stand For 2 Or More Coffee Drippers?

Absolutely. Commercial pour-over coffee brewing stands are designed slightly differently and can accommodate 2, 3, or even 6 coffee drippers at one time.

The barista carefully moves along and slowly pours water over each bed of coffee. It takes quite a bit of skill to be able to control so many coffee drippers; nailing to perfect ratios can get tricky.

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