Best DeLonghi Espresso Machines For The Home

best delonghi espresso machines

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Espresso machines are expensive, and getting your hands on a top of the range model can take many years of saving.

But if you’ve just discovered your love for coffee and you’re getting your very first machine, budget-friendly DeLonghi espresso machines are a great place to start.

Most of the best come with 15 bars of pressure and work just like any other unit in the market. They’re perfect for getting used to the intricacies of how an espresso machine operates and functions. Also, DeLonghi machines are priced pretty reasonably too.

Simply put, DeLonghi manufactures sophisticated yet simple-to-use espresso machines that are beginner friendly without compromising on quality. It’s a win-win!

Our Top Pick: Best Value

If the DeLonghi espresso machine sounds like a good fit for you, stick around because, in this review guide, I’ve handpicked four of what I think are the best “all-rounders” from their extensive range.

What Makes Delonghi So Special?

– Okay, I’ll bite. Why are Delonghi espresso machines good?

Delonghi, rather “De’Longhi,” is an Italian company that’s been around since the early 1900s; you know Italy is the birthplace of espresso, right?

They’ve been producing kitchen appliances for over a hundred years, so you’d like to think they know a thing or two about making durable appliances that work as intended.

In that time, they’ve mastered the craft and produced an extensive range of appliances from everything from deep fat fryers, dehumidifiers, kettles, and, yes, espresso machines.

But it’s not just espresso DeLonghi dabbles in, and they have a range of other coffee brewers like classic automatic drip machines, dual coffee makers, and even cold brew makers.

With an attractive price tag and compact size, DeLonghi machines are favorites with beginner home coffee enthusiasts, and even the occasional professional barista will admit to owning one (psst, your secret is safe with me).

4 Best-Rated DeLonghi Espresso Machines

If you’re ready to take the plunge on a shiny new DeLonghi espresso machine below you should find one to fit your budget no matter how much you have to splurge.

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker


If money is tight and you’re shopping on a modest budget, take a look at the DeLonghi EC155. Even though this unit is cheap, it still packs a punch in the feature department and comes with an impressive 15 bars of pressure.

The self-priming function and the dual-function filter holder are nice to see on an espresso machine at this size and price. These two features significantly reduce the time needed to brew a cappuccino or latte.

Regarding cappuccinos, the DeLonghi EC155 also comes with a compact steam wand that enables you to create creamy milk froth for textured drinks.

Enjoy the convenience of coffee pods? E.S.E. pods can also be used in this unit by simply using the provided coffee pod adapter.

Tucked neatly at the back, you will find a compact water tank (with good tank capacity) that can be pulled out for easy cleaning and refilling. A water level indicator is also easily visible to eliminate the guesswork.

Taking a closer look at durability. The unit is made from a mix of stainless steel with a lean towards more plastic than steel, but at this price point, you can’t really complain, and corners have obviously had to be cut to keep the cost low.

Also, it’s worth noting that the machine does come with a one-year limited warranty covering faulty and damaged parts.

If you are on the hunt for an affordable and versatile espresso machine that’s super easy to use, the DeLonghi EC155 is a good budget buy to get you started on your journey.

What We Love

  • It has a 15-bar pump.
  • A Patented dual function filter holder.
  • Self-priming operation.
  • E.S.E. espresso pod adapter.

Take Note

  • Mainly plastic construction.
  • Cheaper parts and components.

De’Longhi EC680M Dedica Espresso Machine

De'Longhi EC680M Dedica Espresso Machine


Okay, if you thought the last unit was small, take a look at the De’Longhi EC680M; this thing is tiny.

But tiny doesn’t mean bad, and this unit has some serious power hidden under the hood. With 15 bars of pressure, a boot up of under 40 seconds, and a piping hot shot of espresso sitting in your cup in under 2 minutes, this machine doesn’t mess around.

Designed for narrow spaces, the DeLonghi Dedica only takes up 6 inches of real estate when sitting on a kitchen counter.

This unit comes with all the tools at your fingertips to create frothy lattes or cappuccinos, and by swapping out the portafilter basket, you can quickly change from brewing single or double espresso shots.

If you’re someone who runs out of the door in the morning with their travel mug in hand, Dedica’s drip tray can be easily removed to accommodate your oversized insulated travel mug.

Whether you enjoy grinding your whole bean coffee and doing the complete espresso brewing ritual, or you’re someone who would instead use a coffee pod, the De’Longhi EC680M has you covered.

What We Love

  • Very easy to operate.
  • Perfect size for narrow spaces.
  • It has a frothing steam wand.
  • Removable drip tray to fit large cups or travel mugs.

Take Note

  • It can be frustrating if you’re trying to make more than coffee.

De’Longhi ECP3630 Espresso Stainless Steel Machine

De'Longhi ECP3630 Espresso Stainless Steel Machine


This espresso machine is very similar to the first unit on my list: the DeLonghi EC155. It operates pretty much the same, and the inner mechanics are almost identical.

The only significant difference is the build quality, with this unit being manufactured entirely out of stainless steel rather than plastic.

The portafilter also has a better seal on this unit and features a spring clip to keep the baskets firmly in place, which the EC155 doesn’t have.

This machine comes with baskets for one espresso shot or two shots and an adapter so you can use E.S.E. pods (akin to teabags). Two demitasse cups can also be stored on the top of the machine, which functions as a hot plate.

With 15 bars of pressure, you are guaranteed consistent results each time with the De’Longhi ECP3630. And the self-priming operation reduces the wait time and start-up preparation, so you can focus your energy on perfecting your ground coffee and tamp.

Under the hood are two separate thermostats, one for the espresso water and another for the steam wand pressure. Having two means, you don’t have to share, so you can brew espresso and froth milk simultaneously.

What We Love

  • All stainless steel construction, very durable.
  • Self-priming function speeds up brew time.
  • Automatic operation.
  • A reasonably narrow frame takes up little space.
  • Quickly froth milk and brew at the same time

Take Note

  • It produces a good crema, but it is light in weight.
  • The steam wand can be a bit finicky.

De’Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Maker Combo

De'Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Maker Combo


If you have a slightly larger budget and don’t want to purchase a machine just for brewing espresso, take a look at the DeLonghi Magnifica.

This machine is both a fully-fledged espresso maker and a regular coffee machine, essentially giving you the best of both worlds.

Fancy a quick drip coffee at a push of a button? Not a problem. Want to dial in an espresso? Go ahead.

When it comes to DeLonghi espresso machines, the Magnifica is top-of-the-line and is entirely automated. With a push of a button, the unit will do almost all of the heavy lifting for you while you sit back and anticipate the arrival of the tasty hot coffee.

Even milk-based drinks get the automated treatment via the patented “cappuccino system” that utilizes a built-in milk frother to produce silky smooth milk foam.

But that’s not all. The DeLonghi Magnifica also has a coffee bean grinder built inside the unit for a complete “bean to cup” experience.

Beginner or intermediate, The Magnifica DeLonghi machine ticks all the boxes to help you on your way to becoming a fully-fledged home barista. It’s essentially a push-button cappuccino machine, And the automation takes away much of the guesswork to create coffee shop quality coffee.

What We Love

  • This automatic machine Can make both drip brewed coffee and espresso.
  • Completely automatic espresso maker, everything at a push of a button.
  • It comes with a milk frother
  • Built-in coffee grinder “bean to cup.”

Take Note

  • It does too much of the work. If you enjoy brewing coffee, you like to get your hands dirty, dialing in that perfect shot!
? Fun Fact: In 2021, the De’Longhi Group had about 10,069 employees worldwide. This is a significant increase compared to 2014, when the Italian home appliances company only employed 6,710 individuals globally.
Taking a closer look at financials, the De’Longhi Group’s revenue has also steadily increased during this period, increasing from about 1.72 billion euros in 2014 to roughly 3.22 billion euros in 2021.

Comparing Delonghi Espresso Machines

The above four DeLonghi machines are really just a tiny selection of what Delonghi has to offer, but I have purposely only chosen these as they cater to different needs and budgets.

So which machine is right for you? A small compact espresso machine that’s perfect for narrow spaces or a fully automatic espresso machine that can also froth milk and brew drip coffee too?

If you are looking for a real spaced saver, you can’t go wrong with the compact, reasonably priced Dedica espresso machine.

If space and budget aren’t an issue, the larger, fully featured Magnifica super automatic espresso machine is about as good as it gets with Delonghi coffee brewing units.

So, which of these espresso machines is it going to be? Only you can answer that.

delonghi espresso machine review on table with grinder


If you’ve stuck around to the end, hopefully, you have a better idea of which DeLonghi espresso machine will be the best for your home coffee brewing setup.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them. I guess it really comes down to how much you’re willing to spend.

My advice. If you’re venturing into the world of coffee and you’re looking for the best DeLonghi espresso machine, I suggest purchasing one of the basic, budget-friendly DeLonghi espresso machines like the ECP3630. With the money left over, buy a good coffee grinder and scale.

This is a good starting point to get yourself accustomed to brewing espresso and frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes. Once your passion develops, move up the ladder and purchase a more expensive machine that comes with more functionality and experiment with different coffee beans.

But be careful. Once you disappear down the coffee brewing rabbit hole, there’s no coming back!

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