Best Coffee Storage Container To Keep’em Fresh!

You’ve spent hours researching the best coffee brewing method, the optimum water temperature, mastering the perfect grind, and you’ve got yourself a great new coffee brewer, along with a top-rated grinder; it sounds like you’re all set. But hold on, not too fast eager beaver you’ll also need to make sure you have the freshest coffee beans possible if you want to brew a great tasting cup.

Keeping your whole bean coffee fresh from day one using a coffee storage canister is the key. Otherwise, you’ll find that with each passing day the coffee that you once treasured for its rich, bold flavor will start to become gradually tasteless until one day you simply cannot palate the taste anymore.

Remember, coffee beans are the foundation of any great tasting cup of coffee, it doesn’t matter if you have the best coffee maker in the world if the beans are not fresh you could be in for a bitter tasting cup.

A Good Coffee Bean Storage Container is A MUST!​

​I think I’ve already drummed home the importance of using fresh coffee beans. It’s also important to point out that your coffee beans should be whole coffee beans for your coffee to stay fresher for longer; never buy pre-ground coffee.

coffee storage hack

Buying whole coffee is one of the key factors to having the freshest coffee possible; all of the “goodness” is still locked inside! Combine whole coffee beans with an excellent storage container, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination especially if you grind those beans just before you brew.

​I can’t emphasize enough how important following these simple steps is to having the freshest cup of coffee possible. To drum home this point, even more, follow these coffee commandments – repeat after me:

ALWAYS buy whole coffee bean NEVER pre-ground (unless you have no other option).

Only buy coffee in small quantities there is no need to store years worth in advance it will only start to deteriorate and lose it coffee goodness!

Store whole coffee beans in a good airtight container. You can find glass, ceramic and stainless steel vacuum canisters that will do the job of locking it the freshness!

Always keep your storage container in a cool and dark place – kitchen cupboards or pantries are going to be the best locations.

What To Look For in a GREAT Storage Container?

​…There are storage containers, and then there are STORAGE CONTAINERS!

​Now that you understand the importance of fresh whole coffee beans and you’re in the market for the best coffee storage container you can buy what you should look for, what makes a good canister?

​When it comes to choosing the best, these are the two most critical components that all coffee canisters should have.

​A good airtight seal – just because the storage jar looks complicated don’t assume that it has a good airtight seal; sometimes simple is going to be the better option. If it requires a Ph.D. to get it unlocked it’s probably best to move on and look for alternatives.

​Dry beans are happy beans – any coffee storage jar that doesn’t protect your delicate coffee beans from the elements is going to be trash. If moisture or light can get into the container, it’s simply no good.

best coffee bean storage jars

Best Coffee Bean Storage Containers (Top Picks 2018)

There are a lot of coffee bean storage containers readily available in the marketplace, but some are better than others in my experience. Some may promote that they’re airtight or have a vacuum seal only for that seal to deteriorate in under 12 months.

So bearing that in mind, below I have handpicked some of the best coffee storage containers that are worth using. To be honest, these are the only ones that I recommend at the time of writing most of the others simply aren’t up to the job!​

Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Bean Canister

Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Bean Canister

The Planetary Design Airscape Canister is a great airtight coffee storage container. Other containers directly lock the air inside when the lid is closed, which obviously means that the coffee is still in contact with oxygen, this will make do the opposite of keeping your beans fresh, and in fact, it makes them deteriorate a lot faster.

The Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Bean Canister removes all of the air from inside via a built-in valve that forces the air out once the lid is in pushed in place and sealed. You can find the Airscape Coffee Bean Canister at Amazon.


Coffee Gator Coffee Canister

Coffee Gator Coffee Canister

My second recommendation is the budget friendly coffee storage container from Coffee Gator. This container forms a great seal, it locks moisture out but at the same time it allows CO2 to vent via a built-in valve, so your coffee stays fresher for longer.

A smart feature with the Coffee Gator is the expiry date setting on the lid of the canister which allows you set exactly when your coffee expires or as I prefer, set the roast date. You can find the Coffee Gator storage container at Amazon. Make sure to check out my full Coffee Gator canister review which contain some extra information.


Friis 16-Ounce Coffee Vault

Friis 16-Ounce Coffee Vault

Third on my list is the Friis Vacuum Sealed Coffee Vault. To be honest, it is very similar to the above Coffee Gator but comes with a few more accessories, such as a coffee scoop, one year supply of replacement valves, and an Art of Flavor booklet.

Just like the above Coffee Gator the Friis features a one-way valve to release the continuous CO2 gasses which are a result of the roasting process. You can find the Friis Coffee Vault at Amazon if you can’t find it elsewhere.


Keep Them Airtight, And They’ll Keep You Caffeinated

If you’re serious about brewing the best cup of coffee, you should be keeping your coffee beans as fresh as possible. Sure you can keep your beans stored inside of the bag they came in, but to be honest, not all bags are equal.

Some bags look nice, but when it comes to functionality, they don’t form an effective barrier against the elements such as the effects of oxygen. Most packaging also does a poor job of preventing the escape of the much loved aroma once the initial seal has been broken. For more information on keeping coffee fresh take a look at this article on how to store coffee beans?

Remember, the fresher the coffee, the better your brewed coffee will taste. So investing in the best coffee storage container is the key element alongside a decent coffee maker, grinder, and the best coffee scale you can afford.

If you have a limited budget and you can’t dig deep into your pockets for a coffee canister another option is to buy your whole coffee beans in smaller batches and then reseal the bag they came in. Although this inst ideal, it will limit to the amount of contact the beans have with the elements before they are all used.​

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