How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker (4 Surprising Ways!)

What happens if you find yourself without a coffee machine, maybe you are out and about, on a trip, or stuck in the wilderness, or your fancy coffee machine has gone kaput!

How are you going to make coffee without a coffee maker? Sure you could probably find some good instant coffee if you live near a convenience store but it just doesn’t taste the same, right? Let’s be honest, nothing beats a fresh brew of real coffee.

​We have all become so reliant on the convenience of using automatic coffee makers at home; however, it wasn’t always that “push-button” easy to make coffee in the past. In-fact, coffee makers are a pretty new invention in the long history of coffee drinking.

​So if you find yourself without a working coffee machine don’t fall to the floor on your knees and start praying to the coffee gods, apart from looking like a fool that’s not going to get you any coffee.

​Pick yourself up and wipe those tears because in this article I’m unleashing my inner Boy Scout and I’m going to show you exactly how to make coffee without coffee maker – You’re welcome!

​Method 1: Making Coffee with a Paper Filter

Making Coffee with a Paper Filter

​The first method to make coffee without a coffee maker is an old classic that has saved me on a number occasions. However, depending on where you are when you need your caffeine fix, this method may not be possible because a paper coffee filter is still required.

​This method is perfect for those of you that have woken up to a broken coffee maker and still have some paper filter laying around. (If you are stuck in the wilderness on a camping trip you can always use a sock, more on that further down).

​Coffee Brewing Method:

Bring some water to the boil.

Take your coffee filter and slightly dampen it with room temperature water.

Grab your coffee filter and then spoon in your required amount of coffee into the center.

Bundle up your paper filter tightly around the coffee and tie it with a piece of string or cotton thread, leaving just enough length so that you can hold on to it (any string will do, even a shoelace if you want to harness your inner MacGyver).

Place your gift wrapped coffee bundle into your coffee mug and slowly pour in your boiling water.

Depending on how strong you like your coffee let it steep for 4 minutes if you prefer a weaker brew only leave it for 3 minutes. Obviously the longer you leave it steeping, the stronger the coffee will be.

Once you’re happy with the strength of your brew remove the coffee bundle and discard.

​Method 2: The Saucepan Method

This second method to make coffee without a coffee maker relies on a saucepan, so if you’re on a camping trip, this brewing method is ideal when you’re sat around your campfire with your coffee drinking buddies.

​Coffee Brewing Method:

Take a small saucepan place it on your stovetop and add water (TIP: use about 1 to 2 tbsp. (15 to 30 ml) of ground coffee per 1-cup (250 mL) of water you add).

Add your favorite ground coffee to the saucepan and stir.

Turn on the heat under the saucepan and slowly bring to the boil, making sure to stir every-so-often.

Allow your coffee brew to simmer (uncovered) in the saucepan for 2 minutes.

Once 2 minutes are up turn off the heat (this will allow for the coffee grounds to fall and sink to the bottom of the saucepan).

Continue to let the coffee steep for a further 4 minutes in the saucepan.

Now here’s where it gets a bit tricky; slowly pour your coffee from your saucepan into your coffee mug. If done slowly the coffee grounds will stay at the bottom leaving drinkable coffee in your cup.If you are struggling with pouring the coffee out, you can use a ladle, or you can even dip your cup directly into the saucepan and fill it up.

Method 3: Use a Strainer

Use a Strainer

If you don’t have any coffee filters handy or you don’t fancy the challenge of keeping the coffee grounds in the bottom of your saucepan using the above method, you can always opt for this strainer brewing method.

​Coffee Brewing Method:

Boil your water in the kettle.

Once boiled pour your water into a small saucepan or a Pyrex measuring cup.

Now add your favorite ground coffee to the water and stir. Depending on how strong or weak you like your coffee add more to taste. Not sure how much coffee to add? As a rule of thumb, use about 1 to 2 tbsp. (15 to 30 ml) of ground coffee per 1-cup (250 mL) of water you add.

Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes (less or more depending on your preferred strength).

Take your coffee cup and place a tea strainer onto the top (you don’t have to use a tea strainer, but I find that the holes are just the right size for stopping the coffee from passing through).

Pour your coffee mixture directly into the tea strainer and enjoy your fresh cup of Joe.

​Method 4: Use a Sock

Make Coffee Without Coffee Maker use a sock

If all else fails, use a trusty sock (not crusty “trusty”) to make coffee without a coffee maker. You have to be really desperate for a caffeine fix if you find yourself reaching for your sock, but hey, it works. The coffee brewing method is very similar to method 1, but instead of using a coffee filter you going to make coffee using a sock.

Coffee Brewing Method:

Bring some water to the boil.

Get yourself a clean sock (preferably white).

Slightly dampen the sock with room temperature water.

Now place your sock into your coffee cup and push it down slightly and then wrap the top of the sock around the rim of your cup.

Spoon in your required amount of ground coffee.

Slowly pour your boiling water into the sock, stopping at intervals to make sure the water doesn’t pass through too fast.

If you want a stronger brew, you can remove your sock from the rim of the cup, twist the top and then slowly dunk into your coffee – like a tea bag!

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