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12 Ways To Add Extra Flavor To Your Coffee

As great as plain black coffee is sometimes our taste buds need a break from the norm, admit it having the same thing day in day out tends to get boring. An excellent way to spice up your favorite coffee beverage is by adding some extra flavor. Forget about those store brought sweeteners and creamers that are often packed full garbage, what I’m talking about are natural flavorings.

Some of these flavored coffee combinations are strange, and others not so obvious but trust me they will bring life back into your boring cup of Joe and you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them before.

​Below I have experimented with various ways to add extra flavor to your coffee, and I think these 12 are the best so far that will tickle ya taste buds and leave you coming back for more!

​I have no doubt that after going through this list, you will be heading home in a flash to give at least one or two of these combinations a try.

​1. Cinnamon

Whole Cinnamon

​Adding cinnamon to coffee isn’t anything new, but it's one that’s stood the test of time and is a favorite with many coffee drinkers. But before you read on I have a twist on the already popular combination.

​Instead of sprinkling cinnamon on top of your coffee or even stirring into your brew you’ll want to infuse the cinnamon with your coffee beans if you want to give your coffee a real cinnamon kick.

​It’s not as hard as it sounds, simply grind whole sticks of cinnamon along with your whole coffee beans. If you don’t grind your beans fresh before each brew (why not?) you can instead sprinkle some cinnamon into your pre-ground coffee before you add water.

​Adding the cinnamon to the start of the coffee brewing process will allow for a fully blended coffee that actually tastes like cinnamon and not just smell like it.

​2. Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa Nibs

​Cocoa Nibs.. say what? Isn’t that just chocolate? Not really. Cocoa Nibs are what chocolate is before it’s processed into the shaped bars we all know and love. These chunks are more black in color than brown and are 100% cocoa bean. The texture is also different, and the taste is far nuttier and slightly chewier plus they deliver a dark rich taste.

​It’s this flavor profile that makes Cocoa Nibs the perfect addition to your coffee. Trust me they taste great! Add about ½ a teaspoon of Cocoa Nibs to every two cups of coffee that goes into your coffee grinder, grind together and brew your coffee as normal.

​If you love dark chocolate and black coffee this flavored coffee is going to bring you to your knees! YUM!

​3. Vanilla


​If you love adding flavored creamers and sugar to your coffee but aren’t happy about the added calories you're loading into your cup, try some vanilla.

​The best way to take advantage of this natural coffee flavoring is to add a vanilla bean to your whole coffee beans just before you grind. If you can't get your hands on fresh vanilla, you can use a few drops of extract directly into your cup of coffee. Remember, though, a little goes a long way, any more than two drops and you’ll be pouring your brew down the drain.

​4. Ginger


​I’m not a fan of this coffee flavor, but for those of you that enjoy a ginger tea this coffee combination might be a winner!

​Ginger can be overpowering is used in large quantities, so I recommend that you only add a few small slices to your grounds before you brew. The hot water will pass over the ginger and will infuse with your coffee. If you don’t have fresh ginger, you can supplement by using one or two tablespoons of ginger powder instead, but fresh is definitely better!

​5. Cardamom


​Cardamom is relatively unheard of in the west but is hugely popular in the Middle East. The taste of cardamom is very similar to ginger and comes packed with numerous health benefits. Fiber and other essential minerals are just some of the hidden gems of cardamom as well as aiding in circulation it goes great with coffee.

​Either add whole cardamom seeds to your whole coffee beans before you grind or sprinkle a couple of pinches of pre-ground cardamom seeds to your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

​6. Star Anise

Star Anise

​Just like ginger, this coffee flavor isn’t for everyone, but it will definitely raise a few eyebrows. Star Anise has a strong licorice taste with sweet, floral notes. For those of you that enjoy licorice, it makes a great coffee infusion when paired with dark roasted coffee.

​Add your Star Anise into your whole coffee beans before grinding and brew as you normally would. However, if overused it can be very overpowering, I recommend using no more than half a clove at most, any more and you’ll be pouring you freshly brewed coffee into the sink.

​7. Nutmeg


​If you want to bring out the earthiness in your morning coffee brew, I recommend trying a bit of Nutmeg. The added sweetness and earthy taste is truly unique and is a sure way to tickle ya taste buds.

​The amount of Nutmeg to add to your cup of coffee is down to personal taste; however, I find that one shard is perfect for a typical cup. With that said experiment until you find the best infusion for your liking.

​8. Lavender


​I only thought that lavender was something found in body soaps, that was before I tasted my first lavender ice cream as a child vacationing in France, yum!

​Lavender goes great with many things, especially coffee and I have found that it marriages best with the fruitier roasted coffees. You can either add a few sprinkles of lavender in with your ground coffee and infuse when you pour your hot water or add a couple drops of lavender oil once your coffee is brewed. Either way, this combination tastes great, especially on a lazy spring afternoon.

​9. Clove


​If you smoke cigarettes or have done in the past, this Clover flavored coffee is going to be a winner! Many popular cigarette brands add clove into their tobacco mix to give an added sweetness.

​When it comes to cloves and coffee use sparingly, because this spice can be very overpowering. Either grind with your whole coffee beans before you brew or add a couple of cloves to your pre-ground coffee and infuse when boiling water is poured over your grounds. If the taste is too strong, experiment until you find the best ratio for your taste buds.

​10. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

​Nothing screams ‘tis the season more than a steamy cup of peppermint coffee. To truly infuse your coffee with this delicious holiday flavor it’s best to use peppermint oil which works really well with chocolatey dark roasted coffee beans.

​To try this flavored coffee add a few drops to your coffee during the brewing process, however, use sparingly because peppermint oil in its concentrated form can quickly become overpowering no matter how rich your coffee beans are.

​11. A Raw Egg

Raw Egg

​It might seem crazy, but adding a raw egg to your coffee tastes great! Hot coffee mixed with a raw egg delivers a flavor so unique that you have to try it, at least once, It may not be for everyone, but it’s not as gross as you might expect.

​The addition of egg gives the coffee a dense yet creamy body without masking the natural coffee flavors and aromas.

​There are various ways to combine eggs with your coffee, but I recommend that you head over to this article for proven some egg coffee recipes that won’t disappoint (you can thank me later).

​12. Butter


​If you haven’t heard about Bulletproof Coffee, you must have been living in a cave. Many coffee lovers and health buffs have come accustomed to this coffee butter combination which has gained popularity in recent years.

​This strange combination can have its roots traced back to Asia where strange coffee infusions are commonplace. Even tough it's hard to imagine butter which is typically reserved for cooking going so well with coffee, if done right it really is a marriage made in heaven (I said if done right!).

​Just adding a teaspoon of organic butter to a sweet roast coffee will give your coffee a silky texture with a buttery depth that is truly unique.

These 12 ways to add extra flavor to coffee are just scraping the tip of the iceberg, and to be honest, the list could go on and on. The great thing about coffee are the many ways it can be brewed and infused I encourage you to experiment with different coffee flavors to see what unique combinations you can create. If you think you’ve found one that the world needs to hear about feel free to drop a comment below, and we’ll all give it a taste!

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