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You’ll feel like you’re back at school in this section of the site, but this time you are learning everything there is to know about coffee!

AeroPress Inverted vs. Normal

The AeroPress is an excellent portable coffee maker that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This brewer is worshiped by coffee geeks the world over due to the ability to tweak various ratios, different brew methods, and of course its portability.If you’ve ever wondered if there is a difference between the inverted vs. the […]

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Coffee Chemistry Behind A Great Tasting Cup

Figuring out the chemistry behind a great tasting cup of coffee has been our number one goal as humans ever since we nailed sliced bread. If you’re a lover of coffee then you’ll probably already know that not all coffee is created equally and rarely are two cups ever the same. But how can two […]

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Beef Up Your Vocabulary With These Coffee Terms

It’s always beneficial to have some coffee terms in your vocabulary so you can properly articulate your opinions to other coffee lovers just like yourself. Sure, you might be able to get by briefly describing how that new batch of roast coffee beans you have just opened tastes, but when to conversion gets serious can […]

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Fresh Ground Coffee vs. Pre-Ground

Ever since I started on my home coffee brewing journey and discovered the world of coffee beyond those high-street coffee chains, it’s been drummed into me time-and-time again that fresh ground coffee is better than pre-ground coffee. To be honest, back then I really didn’t know why, but over the years and thousands of cups […]

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Is The Coffee Roast Date Important?

Knowing just how fresh your coffee beans are is one of the many challenges faced by someone new to home coffee brewing. Unlike other foods that have a use by date or best before date, coffee typically has a roast date as well as a best before date in some cases. Unlike other perishable food […]

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Best Coffee Beans I’ve Tried In 2016

As we start to get towards the end of 2016 I thought it would be a good idea to do a brief roundup of the best coffee beans I have been lucky enough to get my hands on this year. Some of the coffee beans on the list may not be to your liking, and […]

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The Difference Between Arabica and Robusta?

If you have just ventured into the great world of home coffee brewing you have probably noticed that some beans boast about being 100% Arabica or even 100% Robusta or a blend of the two. So what are Robusta and Arabica and what exactly does that mean? Once roasted, pretty much all coffee beans look […]

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